(nɒnˈstɛr əl or, esp. Brit., -aɪl)

1. not sterile; not free from germs or microorganisms.
2. not barren; capable of producing offspring, vegetation, etc.
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Contract awarded for gauze bandage 4 "x 10 yds edged redoubled nonsterile 100% cotton, non-starchy no optical white, white base to 50% h202, fabric 24 x 20, type 5, weight 22.
This is because nonsterile equipment is used to express and store the milk.
In regards to a traditional scrub versus the used of aqueous rubs, a randomized control trial in France in 2002 demonstrated no difference in infection rates when comparing a 5-minute traditional chlorhexidine scrub to the use of an aqueous dry scrub after nonsterile hand washing.
First, in the late 1990s, after the deaths of 4 children in Minnesota and North Dakota who did not have traditional health care-associated risk factors for MRSA were reported (16), EIP demonstrated flexibility by modifying operations to expand case ascertainment to include nonsterile sites (in addition to the more typical approach of sterile sites) and to characterize the epidemiology of community-associated MRSA through work at 4 EIP sites.
Bacterial contamination of nonsterile disposable gloves before use.
Further, 64% of respondents reported eliminating the step of changing from nonsterile to sterile gloves prior to device handling.
The examples and related guidance conclude that devices that fall within the retail exemption and are not subject to the excise tax include nonsterile absorbent-tipped applicators, adhesive bandages, snake bite suction kits, denture adhesives, pregnancy test kits, blood glucose monitors, prosthetic legs, mechanical and powered wheelchairs, portable oxygen concentrators, urinary ileostomy bags, and therapeutic alternating-current-powered adjustable home-use beds.
sterile and nonsterile compounded drugs); McGuff Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Optimized manufacturing and process design: Turning, Grinding, Milling, Heat Treating, Anodizing, Coatings, Epoxy Ink Painting, Electropolishing and Passivation, Laser Marking, Sterile and NonSterile Final Packaging, VMI, Product Development.
paracasei during ensilage of sterile and nonsterile ryegrass and found that they had a significant effect on silage amino acid profiles.
The most recent FDA notice calls on manufacturers to package antiseptics indicated for preoperative or preinjection skin preparation in single-use containers and for labels to indicate whether the antiseptic is manufactured as a sterile or nonsterile product.
Enforcement of the standard will be the decision of individual state boards of pharmacy, which may choose to adopt it into their regulations-similar to USP standards for sterile and nonsterile pharmaceutical compounding, both of which are widely recognized by states.
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