(nɒnˈsɪn dɪˌkeɪ tɪd)

1. (of newspaper columns or the like) not published simultaneously in a number of newspapers or periodicals.
2. (of radio or television programs) not made available directly to independent stations.
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For nonsyndicated loans to small firms (annual sales of less than $50 million), 39.
6) As helpfully noted by the referee, our exclusion of nonsyndicated loans could create a selection bias.
found that nonsyndicated loans structured for resale (typically
On local stations, an occasional nonsyndicated moderate or liberal may sneak through the cracks, but there are relatively few such exceptions.
Some speculate that Corcoran's departure from KSD was a "salary dump" which signaled the end of an era where locally based, nonsyndicated high profile morning air talent no longer would command high salaries.
In the case of nonsyndicated, unlevered ownership ([Alpha] = 1; [Lambda] = 0), the value of the MLB franchise becomes the expected value of "the pure equity stream of its class:"
Player costs in a syndicated sportsman league are [Mu]r[Theta]/[Alpha] higher than those in a pure-profit league, and [Mu]r[Theta](1 - [Alpha])/[Alpha] higher than those in a nonsyndicated sportsman league.
The Best of the Rest: NonSyndicated Newspaper Columnists Select Their Best Work Edited by Sam G.
What is worth serious consideration is the fact that running this type of lightweight junk serves to undermine the credibility of any and all other nonsyndicated columnists The Register-Guard chooses to publish.