(nŏn-tĕn′yərd, -yo͝ord′)
Not having or leading to tenure: a nontenured academic post.


(Education) (of an academic post or lecturer) not possessing or carrying a guarantee of permanent employment


(nɒnˈtɛn yərd)

1. (of a professional position) not including a guarantee of permanent employment.
2. (of an employee) holding a nontenured position.
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The union represents 1,800 tenured and nontenured faculty.
An additional purpose was to report on differences in grading between faculty teaching in associate versus baccalaureate nursing programs, full-time versus adjunct faculty, and tenured versus nontenured faculty.
and Edie Goldenberg from the University of Michigan wrote a book [Off Track Profs: Nontenured Teachers in Higher Education, MIT Press, 2011] examining 10 elite institutions that had a majority of adjuncts--and none of their academic leaders knew that this had happened.
The lawsuit, filed by Russell Ramirez, staff counsel for the Texas State Teachers Association, of which the Texas Faculty Association is the arm focused on higher education, alleges that Juan Antonio Gonzalez, Dorothy Boven and Karen Fuss-Somer, who are all over 40 years old, lost their positions in the wake of the split because of policies that prioritized the retention of nontenured faculty members over tenured ones.
To understand fully the patterns in teacher and administrator salaries, we consider a second factor: nontenured dismissal.
The majority of that growth has come in "contingent faculty,'' a category that includes part-time adjuncts, graduate assistants and full-time nontenured faculty.
As a nontenured teacher in a local denominational secondary school, the narrator of this novel, the burlesquely named Joseph Gouffignat, has a keen eye for satire.
dean, associate dean, assistant dean, non-dean administrator, tenured faculty, or nontenured or nontenure-track faculty, and whether the respondent would like a summary of the survey results (e-mail address needed).
In these cases, the school or department may hire a nontenured faculty to teach and oversee these courses.
Xiong Gong, assistant professor of polymer engineering at the University of Akron, each received 3M Nontenured Faculty Awards to develop collaborative research initiatives with 3M.
Returning to work in a part-time nontenured or substitute teaching capacity with the member's previous employer will not affect the member's separation from service status.