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 (nō-päl′, nō′pəl)
n. pl. no·pal·es (-pä′lĕs) also no·pals (-pəlz)
1. Any of various cacti having edible stems, especially the prickly pears.
2. The fleshy, oval, edible pad of such a cactus.

[American Spanish, from Nahuatl nohpalli.]


1. (Plants) any of various cactuses of the genus Nopalea, esp the red-flowered N. cochinellifera, which is a host plant of the cochineal insect
2. (Plants) a cactus, Opuntia lindheimeri, having yellow flowers and purple fruits. See also prickly pear
[C18: from Spanish, from Nahuatl nopálli cactus]


(ˈnoʊ pəl, noʊˈpɑl, -ˈpæl)

1. any of several cacti of the genus Nopalea, resembling the prickly pear.
2. the fruit of such a cactus.
[1720–30; < Mexican Spanish < Nahuatl nohpalli]
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Noun1.nopal - cactus having yellow flowers and purple fruitsnopal - cactus having yellow flowers and purple fruits
prickly pear, prickly pear cactus - cacti having spiny flat joints and oval fruit that is edible in some species; often used as food for stock
2.nopal - any of several cacti of the genus Nopalea resembling prickly pears
cactus - any succulent plant of the family Cactaceae native chiefly to arid regions of the New World and usually having spines
genus Nopalea, Nopalea - a genus of the cactus family with scarlet flowers
References in classic literature ?
The anchors were thrown out from the car and one of them, coming in contact with the branches of an enormous nopal, caught on it firmly.
Y luego sucedio que (Moquihuix) rego su simiente dentro del palacio; se divertia untando su miembro con babas de nopal.
Whether it's Rhubarb Achar, a pickled relish inspired by Nepalese flavors, or Fermented Nopal Salad, there's a new favorite condiment calling out for kitchen experimentation that is "fun, a bit crazy, and full of flavor.
com)-- True Nopal, the number one selling cactus water brand in the world and innovator of the category, announced today that it continues to expand its distribution.
based True Nopal Cactus Water, a subsidiary of True Me Brands.
In 2014, a very small Mexican study showed that participants with diabetes who ate 300 grams (g) of nopal with a high carbohydrate breakfast had less of a blood sugar increase than those who ate the same meal with no cactus.
McCurdy alleges that Hades tried to attack her and her pug in the Nopal Street area.
Nopal exploitation is done under 3 systems, namely, wild plantations, family gardens, and commercial plantations (Flores-Valdez 2001).
Cochineal" gathers many of these strands in a single poem: "Blood of nopal / ruby of prickles on insect flesh.
De hecho, Pablo Nopal nunca le revelo la trama del mismo: "Solo le inserto la escena, las emociones, el significado del momento" (71).
The nopal, or "prickly pear," cactus is the source of most cactus juices now available in the U.