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See gabbro.

[Norwegian Norge, Norway + -ite.]

nor·it′ic (nô-rĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Geological Science) a variety of gabbro composed mainly of hypersthene and labradorite feldspar
[C19: from Norwegian norit, from Norge Norway + -it -ite1]
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North American CEO Rick Mark said, "The results from our first regional evaluation of these mineralized norites underscore the potential along the 75-kin-long Greenland norite belt.
The rocks in the central peak of the crater are of a type called norite that usually crystallizes when magma ascends but gets trapped underground instead of erupting at the surface as lava.
The mafic cumulate include olivine gabbro, norite, gabbro-norite, and hornblende gabbro.
Geological and Structural Features of Diamer Basha Dam Site: The prevailing rock type at Diamer Basha dam site is intrusive igneous which is petrologically called Norite, or more precisely Gabbro-Norite (GN), (NEAC, 2004).
Jeigu norite zengti dar viena zingsni, galite patys gaminti energija namuose irenge vejo turbina, saules baterijas arba fotovoltines plokstes.
mode=greenroom&mode2=full&caseid=992&topic=T01 norite undulator vicodin http://www.
Brakial norite bagli serratus anterior kasi disfonksiyonu olan hastalarda ani baslangicli ve siddetli omuz agrisi ve siddetli omuz agrisini takiben omuz cevresi kaslarda atrofi ve gucsuzluk sikayeti gelismesi tipiktir (1,16-18).
In the first part of the study, L-D characteristics of norite, granite, sandstone, limestone, marble and siltstone dry rock samples were studied to understand the behaviour of L-D curves.
There, the gabbros, mostly norite, occasionally troctolite are generally coarse-grained, equigranular to gently pegmatitic, show a texture from cumulate to holocrystalline and are composed by labradorite, augite and subordinate bronzite, with minor amounts of magnetite, ilmenite, and alteration products.
In addition, it contains olivine norite and associated troctolite, the position of which within the sequence is uncertain.