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See gabbro.

[Norwegian Norge, Norway + -ite.]

nor·it′ic (nô-rĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Geological Science) geology consisting of, containing, or of the nature of norite
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North American Nickel is interested in the GNB because the belt is extensive (the main belt is over 70 km long and up to 15 km wide); it is comprised of noritic intrusions that show evidence of crustal contamination (believed to be important in the formation of nickel-copper sulphide ores); it hosts numerous historical high-grade nickel occurrences (e.
Further results from additional sampling of massive sulphide horizons associated with noritic sub-units have been received.
The massive sulphides occur at the base of noritic units that are each overlain by anorthositic units.
The work outlined three zones of nickel-copper mineralization 135 meters long in noritic rocks.
Disseminated and irregular patches of pyrrhotite and chalcopyrite are found associated with the margins of intercalated noritic units over the last 300 metres of the hole.