normal school

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normal school

A school that trains teachers, chiefly for the elementary grades.

[Translation of French école normale (so called because the first school so named was intended as a model) : école, school + normal, normal.]

Normal School

(Education) (in France, and formerly England, the US, and Canada) a school or institution for training teachers
[C19: from French École Normale: the first French school so named was intended as a model for similar institutions]

nor′mal school`

a former school giving a two-year program to high-school graduates preparing to be teachers.

Normal school

A college (usually only two years) for preparing students to become schoolteachers who could then teach through the eighth grade.
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Noun1.Normal school - a two-year school for training elementary teachersnormal school - a two-year school for training elementary teachers
junior college - a college that offers only the first two years terminating in an associate degree
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You have received a high-school education, and possibly topped it off with normal school or college.
Contract notice: Works contract for the courthouse in rehabilitation of the old normal school of lons le saunier girls.
Foley and his staff "handled the situation extremely well and very professionally resulting in virtually no interruption of normal school operations.
Summary: Education Minister Elias Bou Saab announced Sunday that Monday would be a normal school day, adding that there would be no classes Tuesday for Ashoura.
He not only maintains we hid Aparna's condition in the application form but also rejects all medical reports that prove she can have a normal school life," says Nair, 38.
It will begin next Wednesday when 17,000 Asti members will withdraw from meetings outside of normal school hours.
At about the same time, another organization called the Territorial Normal School shared in training dental hygienists.
Its predecessor is Imperial University of Peking (founded in 1902), which was renamed as Excellent-level Normal School in 1908, when it became an independent school.
The school also welcomes visits on normal school days.
Pupils at Birdsedge First School took a break from the normal school timetable for a day of woolly wonder.
She attended Pleasant Hill High School and Oregon Normal School, now Western Oregon University.
With the sole exception of Laureana Wright, who was a woman of means, they all worked as teachers: Cetina, Correa and Murguia were Normal School professors, while Jimenez was an elementary school teacher.