normal tension glaucoma

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Noun1.normal tension glaucoma - glaucoma that results from damage to the optic nerve although the intraocular pressure is normal
glaucoma - an eye disease that damages the optic nerve and impairs vision (sometimes progressing to blindness); "contrary to popular belief, glaucoma is not always caused by elevated intraocular pressure"
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Limitations of the study: In our study, ample size was small, measurement of RNFL-T was done by relatively old machine, and patients with ocular hypertension, normal tension glaucoma and PACG were not included.
Dock3 attenuates neural cell death due to NMDA neurotoxicity and oxidative stress in a mouse model of normal tension glaucoma," Cell Death and Differentiation, vol.
A small disc hemorrhage, known as splinter or drance hemorrhage, is commonly associated with Normal tension glaucoma and it is very rare for them to occur in the normal population.
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Association of microsatellite polymorphisms of the GPDS1 locus with normal tension glaucoma in the Japanese population.
The type of glaucoma was identified in each patient; Primary Open Angle Glaucoma was the most common diagnosis (78%) (76% Phaco 1, 85% Phaco 2), followed by Chronic Angle Closure Glaucoma (14%) (16% Phaco 1,9% Phaco 2), Mixed Mechanism Glaucoma (4%) (4% Phaco 1, 2% Phaco 2), Normal tension glaucoma (2%) (3% Phaco 1, 0% Phaco 2) and Pseudoexfoliation glaucoma (1%) (0.
A person with normal tension glaucoma can certainly undergo cataract surgery if desired.
Linkage analysis of a single family with normal tension glaucoma (NTG) and patients with an age of onset between 23 and 65 years implicated a 21 cM region (GLC1E) on chromosome 10p14-p15 (Sarfarazi et al.
Treatment for normal tension glaucoma (NTG) centers on lowering intraocular pressures.
There are several types of glaucoma, but the most common ones are primary open-angle glaucoma, or POAG, and normal tension glaucoma, also known as low-tension glaucoma.
NORMAL TENSION GLAUCOMA may account for up to one-third of the cases of open-angle glaucoma in the U.