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(ˈnɔr məl si)

the state of being normal.
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Noun1.normalcy - being within certain limits that define the range of normal functioning
condition, status - a state at a particular time; "a condition (or state) of disrepair"; "the current status of the arms negotiations"
averageness - the state of being that is average; indicates normality but with connotations of mediocrity
commonness, expectedness - the state of being that is commonly observed
typicality - the state of being that is typical
2.normalcy - expectedness as a consequence of being usual or regular or common
expectedness - ordinariness as a consequence of being expected and not surprising




[ˈnɔːməlsɪ] N (esp US) → normalidad f
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PESHAWAR -- Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor, Sardar Mahtab Ahmad Khan Wednesday said the sacrifices of Pak Army, security forces, FC, and tribesmen have paved the way for bringing peace and normalcy in motherland.
The SGPC has also decided to deploy its own task force to help the administration maintain normalcy.
Dubai -- The shortage of Indian jumbo passport booklets has passed, and normalcy has been restored.
Chandragupta today said that situation in Yellur was limping back to normalcy.
KARACHI -- Commercial centres are being closed down in Karachi, hours after normalcy returned to the city following a shut down in the wake of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain's detention by British authorities, DawnNews reported.
Global Banking News-December 5, 2013--Ireland's banking sector attempts return to normalcy
He said the government in the province with absolute support of the Federal Government is fully committed to bring the criminals and terrorists to task and completely restore normalcy, a prerequisite for restoration of trade and industrial activity in the commercial hub.
The government has placed a 24-hour curfew on Wukari following security advice from relevant security agencies with a view to bringing normalcy in the town which has been enmeshed in violence," Taraba information commissioner Emmanuel Bello said.
King addressed a normalcy wherein the contentment of a white majority lacked the "fierce urgency of now.
The aim is to secure return to normalcy of the overall economic activities as soon as possible.
Here are four lectures he delivered at the New School for Social Research in the 1953 series Modern Man's Pathology for Normalcy.
Talking on this occasion, the governor said, we as a nation especially in this part of the country have been confronting problems of acute nature, especially from security and law and order point of view for the last over 30 years because of the prevailing situation in Afghanistan and we believe that the difficulties would continue to persist till restoration of complete normalcy in that country.