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a. A pattern that is regarded as typical of something: a neighborhood where families with two wage-earners are the norm.
b. A standard or expectation that is established for a given enterprise or effort: journalistic norms.
c. A pattern of behavior considered acceptable or proper by a social group: violated the norms of his community.
2. Mathematics
a. An average.
b. The magnitude of a vector.
c. The modulus of a complex number.
tr.v. normed, norm·ing, norms
1. To establish or judge in reference to a norm: normed the test on the basis of last year's results.
2. Mathematics To define a norm on (a space).

[French norme, from Old French, from Latin norma, carpenter's square, norm; see gnō- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Mathematics) normalized
2. (Mathematics) possessing a norm
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The Las Piaas-based school also held JRU top hitter Shola Alvarez to just 15 hits after the latter normed a league-best 22.
Ross, the reigning Defensive Player of the Year, meanwhile, normed 13.
This graduate text introduces normed spaces as a way to generalize the concept of the absolute value in the setting of the real numbers, and the mathematical basis of Banach spaces and linear operators.
The problem of determining conditions under which an isometry between two normed linear spaces is affine has been studied by many authors and has its roots in the famous Mazur-Ulam Theorem [10].
While the state works with ETS to resolve the issues, Isaac suggested "schools be given the freedom to choose from a variety of nationally normed standardized tests.
David Turbow and Julie Evener normed a rubric used to evaluate the quality of student work for research-based assignments.
Basar, Summability Theory and Its Applications, Normed and Paranormed Sequence Spaces, Bentham Science Publishers, Istanbul, Turkey, 2012.
Rhoades and Soltuz [14] defined a multistep iteration in a normed linear space E as follows.
006) and goodness of fit index= GFI (goodness of fit index), AGFI (adjusted goodness of fit index), PNFI (parsimony normed fit index), CFI (comparative fit index), NNFI (non-normed fit index) , NFI(normed fit index) is more than 0.
The S&V picture set has proven to be a useful stimulus set in non-English speaking cultures as well, being similarly normed in France (Alario & Ferrand, 1999), Italy (Nisi, Longoni, & Snodgrass, 2000), Iceland (Pind, Jonsdottir, Gissurardottir, & Jonsson, 2000), Britain (Barry, Morrisson, & Ellis, 1997) and Spain (Sanfeliu, & Fernandez, 1996).
His best performance was with the Minnesota Timberwolves where he formed a promising trio with Darko Milicic and Kevin Love as he normed 19 points per game.
Profiles International South East Asia'score goal is to provide world-class tools and services specifically translated, localised, normed and validated for each country we operate in.