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n. normovolemia, volumen normal de la sangre.
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Early mobilization (within 24 hours) is among the enhanced recovery elements that the ERAS Society guidelines say is "of particular value" for minimally invasive surgery, along with maintenance of normothermia and normovolemia with maintenance of adequate cardiac output.
Maintenance of normovolemia, normothermia, and oxygenation is critical (Kehlet & Thienpont, 2013).
On the day of surgery, the URMC ERP promotes normovolemia by encouraging the patient to drink any desired clear liquids up until six hours before undergoing general anesthesia, followed only then by the two Gatorade Prime[R] drinks (8 ounces), which are consumed two hours prior to the arrival to the hospital.
Lack of agreement between thermodilution and echocardiographic determination of cardiac output during normovolemia and acute hemorrhage in clinically healthy, anesthetized dogs.
However, in patients who still had volume overload such as congestive heart failure or pulmonary edema, furosemide should be used to establish normovolemia prior to contrast exposure.
The key objective is to ensure normovolemia at all times during a surgical procedure.
All patients with diagnosed vasospasm were transferred to the ICU; normovolemia was established and colloids and nimodipine administered.
Durante el sexto dia de ingreso obtenemos diuresis de casi 1ml/kg/h pero con creatininas de 700 mmol/l, normovolemia, no hiperpotasemia.
Para reponer el mismo volumen de sangre extraido se determino la utilizacion de solucion Hydroxyetyl Starch (HES) al 6% que permite una mayor normovolemia y un mayor tiempo en el compartimento intravascular [18].