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1. Situated in, toward, or facing the north.
2. Coming from the north: northern breezes.
3. Native to or growing in the north.
4. often Northern Of, relating to, or characteristic of northern regions or the North.
5. Being north of the equator.

[Middle English northerne, from Old English; see ner- in Indo-European roots.]

north′ern·ness′ n.


1. (Physical Geography) situated in or towards the north: northern towns.
2. (Physical Geography) directed or proceeding towards the north: a northern flow of traffic.
3. (Physical Geography) (esp of winds) proceeding from the north
4. (sometimes capital) of, relating to, or characteristic of the north or North
5. (Astronomy) (sometimes capital) astronomy north of the celestial equator


(ˈnɔr ðərn)

1. lying toward or situated in the north.
2. directed or proceeding northward.
3. coming from the north, as a wind.
4. (often cap.) of or pertaining to the North, esp. the northern U.S.
5. north of the celestial equator or of the zodiac.
[before 900]


1. 'north'

The north is the direction that is on your left when you are looking towards the direction where the sun rises.

The land to the north and east was very flat.
There is a possibility of colder weather and winds from the north.

A north wind blows from the north.

The north wind was blowing straight into her face.

The north of a place is the part that is towards the north.

The violence started in the north of the country.
The best asparagus comes from the Calvados region in the north of France.

North occurs in the names of some countries, states, and regions.

They have hopes for business in North Korea.
They crossed the mountains of North Carolina.
We are worried about possible ecological damage in North America.
2. 'northern'

However, you don't usually talk about a 'north' part of a country or region. You talk about a northern part.

Hausa is a language spoken in the northern regions of West Africa.
We travelled to the northern tip of Caithness.

Similarly, don't talk about 'north Europe' or 'north England'. You say northern Europe or northern England.

Preston had flown over northern Canada.
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Noun1.Northern - a dialect of Middle English that developed into Scottish Lallans
Middle English - English from about 1100 to 1450
Adj.1.northern - in or characteristic of a region of the United States north of (approximately) the Mason-Dixon line; "Northern liberals"; "northern industry"; "northern cities"
southern - in or characteristic of a region of the United States south of (approximately) the Mason-Dixon line; "southern hospitality"; "southern cooking"; "southern plantations"
2.northern - situated in or oriented toward the north; "the northern suburbs"; "going in a northerly direction"
north - situated in or facing or moving toward or coming from the north; "artists like north light"; "the north portico"
3.northern - coming from the north; used especially of wind; "the north wind doth blow"; "a northern snowstorm"; "the winds are northerly"
north - situated in or facing or moving toward or coming from the north; "artists like north light"; "the north portico"
4.northern - situated in or coming from regions of the north; "the northern hemisphere"; "northern autumn colors"
southern - situated in or coming from regions of the south; "the southern hemisphere"; "southern constellations"
شَمالي، الشَّمالشِمَالِيّ
aî norîan; norîlægur, norîanverîur
kuzeykuzeyde olan
ở phía bắc


A. ADJdel norte, norteño, septentrional
the northern part of the islandla parte norte or septentrional de la isla
the northern coastla costa septentrional or (del) norte
in northern Spainal norte or en el norte de España, en la España septentrional
B. CPD the northern hemisphere Nel hemisferio norte, el hemisferio boreal
Northern Ireland NIrlanda f del Norte
the northern lights Nla aurora boreal


[ˈnɔːrðərn] adj [country, town] → du nord; [accent] → du nord; [area, part] → nord
the northern part of the island → la partie nord de l'île, la partie septentrionale de l'île
Northern Europe → l'Europe du Nord
in northern Italy → dans le nord de l'Italie


adj hemisphere, countiesnördlich; northern Germany/ItalyNorddeutschland/-italien nt; Northern Irishnordirisch; with a northern outlookmit Blick nach Norden


[ˈnɔːðən] adj (region) → del nord, settentrionale; (wall) → (esposto/a a) nord inv; (coast) → settentrionale
in northern Spain → nel nord della Spagna, nella Spagna settentrionale


(noːθ) noun
1. the direction to the left of a person facing the rising sun, or any part of the earth lying in that direction. He faced towards the north; The wind is blowing from the north; I used to live in the north of England.
2. (also N) one of the four main points of the compass.
1. in the north. on the north bank of the river.
2. from the direction of the north. a north wind.
towards the north. The stream flows north.
ˈnortherly (-ðə-) adjective
1. (of a wind etc) coming from the north. a northerly breeze.
2. looking, lying etc towards the north. in a northerly direction.
ˈnorthern (-ðən) adjective
of the north or the North.
ˈnortherner (-ðə-) noun
a person who lives, or was born, in a northern region or country.
ˈnorthernmost (-ðən-) adjective
being furthest north. the northernmost point of the coast.
ˈnorthward adjective
towards the north. in a northward direction.
ˈnorthward(s) adverb
towards the north. They were travelling northwards.
ˈnorthbound adjective
travelling northwards. the northbound railway-line.
ˌnorth-ˈeast / ˌnorth-ˈwest nouns, adjective
(in or from) the direction midway between north and east or north and west, or any part of the earth lying in that direction. the north-east counties; a north-west wind.
towards the north-east or north-west. The building faces north-west.
ˌnorth-ˈeasterly / ˌnorth-ˈwesterly adjective
1. (of a wind etc) coming from the north-east or north-west. a north-easterly wind.
2. looking, lying etc towards the north-east or north-west. a north-westerly direction.
ˌnorth-ˈeastern / ˌnorth-ˈwestern adjective
of the north-east or north-west.
the North Pole
the northern end of the imaginary line through the earth, round which it turns.


شِمَالِيّ severní nordlig nördlich βόρειος del norte pohjois- boréal sjeverni settentrionale 北の 북쪽의 noord- nordlig północny do norte северный nordlig ทางภาคเหนือ kuzey ở phía bắc 北方的
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People from the part of Northern Ohio in which Winesburg lies will remember old Windpeter by his unusual and tragic death.
At the latter, however, lay General Webb, who commanded the armies of the king in the northern provinces, with a body of more than five thousand men.
Creaking on its hinges, however, like every other gate and door about the premises, the sound reached the ears of the occupant of the northern gable, one of the windows of which had a side-view towards the gate.
It was like nothing so much as the phantasmagoric play of the northern lights.
What a fine frosty night; how Orion glitters; what northern lights
You meet them on the Line in time for the full flower of the Equatorial feeding season, having just returned, perhaps, from spending the summer in the Northern seas, and so cheating summer of all unpleasant weariness and warmth.
Now for instance, they were having winter racing in New Orleans and a syndicate was laying out each day's program in advance, and its agents in all the Northern cities were "milking" the poolrooms.
You can get used to such things, too, my friend; and it is the great object of recent efforts to make our whole northern community used to them, for the glory of the Union.
Sir Francis Head, an English traveler and a Governor-General of Canada, tells us that "in both the northern and southern hemispheres of the New World, Nature has not only outlined her works on a larger scale, but has painted the whole picture with brighter and more costly colors than she used in delineating and in beautifying the Old World.
One morning I was out on a long walk to get up muscle for my trip, and had climbed the ridge which bordered the northern extremity of the valley, when I came upon an artificial opening in the face of a low precipice, and recognized it by its location as a hermit- age which had often been pointed out to me from a distance as the den of a hermit of high renown for dirt and austerity.
For a little distance we ascended by snow upon the ARE^TE--that is, the ridge--then turned over to the right, or northern side.
A catbird, the Northern mocker, lit in a tree over Tom's head, and trilled out her imitations of her neighbors in a rapture of enjoyment; then a shrill jay swept down, a flash of blue flame, and stopped on a twig almost within the boy's reach, cocked his head to one side and eyed the strangers with a consuming curiosity; a gray squirrel and a big fellow of the "fox" kind came skurrying along, sitting up at intervals to inspect and chatter at the boys, for the wild things had probably never seen a human being before and scarcely knew whether to be afraid or not.

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