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1. A piece of armor that forms part of a helmet and protects the nose.
2. The part of a pair of eyeglasses that fits across the nose.
3. See noseband.
4. The part of a microscope, often rotatable, to which one or more objective lenses are attached.


1. (Arms & Armour (excluding Firearms)) Also called: nasal a piece of armour, esp part of a helmet, that serves to protect the nose
2. the connecting part of a pair of spectacles that rests on the nose; bridge
3. (General Physics) the part of a microscope to which one or more objective lenses are attached
4. (Horse Training, Riding & Manège) a less common word for noseband



1. the part of an eyeglass frame that passes over the bridge of the nose.
2. the part of a microscope to which the objectives are attached.
3. a piece of armor serving as protection for the nose.
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Noun1.nosepiece - armor plate that protects the nose
armor plate, armor plating, armour plate, plate armor, plate armour - specially hardened steel plate used to protect fortifications or vehicles from enemy fire
body armor, body armour, cataphract, coat of mail, suit of armor, suit of armour - armor that protects the wearer's whole body
2.nosepiece - a strap that is the part of a bridle that goes over the animal's nose
bridle - headgear for a horse; includes a headstall and bit and reins to give the rider or driver control
strap - an elongated leather strip (or a strip of similar material) for binding things together or holding something in position
3.nosepiece - the link between two lenses; rests on the nose
linkup, tie-in, link, tie - a fastener that serves to join or connect; "the walls are held together with metal links placed in the wet mortar during construction"
eyeglasses, glasses, specs, spectacles - optical instrument consisting of a frame that holds a pair of lenses for correcting defective vision
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Their uniquely shaped and padded nosepieces and flexible temples are proven to provide the most comfortable fit across the widest range of facial profiles.
Motorized nosepieces and shutter releases, for instance, enable users to change objectives or snap images with just one touch of an easyaccess button.
When volunteers inhaled from the nosepieces affixed to each bottle, they sampled from the - 250-mL headspace inside each of the two bottles (one sniffing port per nostril).
The bottles were fitted with nosepieces so that volunteers could sample both scents simultaneously-one through each nostril.
They have no moving parts, set screws, collets, or nosepieces, making them almost maintenance free, and provide 360[degrees] concentric clamping.
The components accept manual or motorized nosepieces.
Attached to the cover are two nosepieces, which can be pressed into the cylinder when not in use.