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It's bad enough that a gang of infernal Jews should plant us here, where there's no earthly English interest to serve, and all hell beating up against us, simply because Nosey Zimmern has lent money to half the Cabinet.
Nosey Barker had been given a bit of a break prior to that run so he may have perhaps needed it a little and while he is not one of Richard Hannon's stars, it will be disappointing if he cannot take a hand in the finish.
Meet the real nosey parkers in this fantastic show which picked up the Edinburgh Fringe Evening News Capital Award.
And although many of us like to chat, nearly one in five find their neighbours a little bit too nosey.
In this context, it's worth pointing out that thanks to the internet and all the wonders of online property marketing - which these days includes everything from 360-degree virtual tours and computer-generated 3D walkthroughs to Google Streetview - even a nosey neighbour can get a pretty good idea of what your home looks like and how it is situated, without going to the trouble of registering with an estate agent.
The weird, wonderful and downright silly names were Coco, Burt the Bus, Billy Brum, Spicy Steve, Ernie, Peter Porridge, Neptune, Nosey Nora, Hakuna Matata, Mrs Bubble, Loveable Express, Mr Snuggly Wuggle, Chip, Big Blue and Crazy Daisy.
Rosey Nosey has been described by noted English beer writer Roger Protz as "a rich, luscious, and warming ale ideal for winter.
After missing the break in his heat, Mall Nosey then stumbled slightly at the start but did a lot of running to finish second to Little Jig.
I blame it on my nosey nature, but that is going to be it for me this year.
THERE'S nothing worse than a nosey neighbour who loves spreading gossip and rumour over the garden fence.
Simms said she was shocked to receive an award for being nosey.
It's a phrase that Percy Spencer probably heard often growing up since he was such a nosey boy.