not only

not only

1. used with 'but' or 'but also'

You use not only to link two words or phrases that refer to things, actions, or situations. You put not only in front of the first word or group, and but or but also in front of the second one. The second thing is usually more surprising, interesting, or important than the first one.

The government radio not only reported the demonstration, but announced it in advance.
We asked not only what the children had learnt but also how they had learnt it.
2. used with a pronoun

When you are linking phrases that begin with a verb, you can omit 'but' or 'but also' and use a personal pronoun instead. For example, instead of saying 'Margaret not only came to the party but brought her aunt as well', you can say 'Margaret not only came to the party, she brought her aunt as well'.

Her interest in this work not only continued, it increased.
3. putting 'not only' first

For emphasis, you can put not only first, followed by an auxiliary verb or be, then the subject, then the main verb.

Not only did they send home large amounts, but they also saved money.
Not only do they rarely go on school trips, they rarely, if ever, leave Brooklyn.

Not only must come first when you are linking two clauses which have different subjects.

Not only were the local people old, but the women still dressed in long black dresses.
Not only were many of the roads closed, many bridges had also been blown up.
References in classic literature ?
It has great value not only from the amount of pure gold that is in it, but as an antique.
First of all, let me say at the beginning that I have studied not only physics but also geology and paleontology at Harvard, and so it is with this background that I reject the ordinary understanding of the Darwinian theory of evolution even on scientific grounds.
They have not only left him; they watch and hope for his downfall (20:10).
35 significant purpose provisions) applies not only to significant tax issues, but also covers "one or more Federal tax issues.
First, the prohibition on discriminatory taxes applies not only to indirect, transaction-based taxes (like the transfer tax in Boston Stock Exchange), but also direct taxes, such as income taxes.
Not only is there "no objective test for mental illness," but psychiatrists are supposed to determine a defendant's state of mind at the time of the crime by talking to him many months later, a pretense Szasz considers "prima facie absurd.
Not only was Eck writing as a Christian, but she also was a United Methodist.
Most of these transformations apply not only to quadrilaterals and hexahedra, but to any shape of element, including triangles and tetrahedra, and to mixed elements.
For the D category, the splits were conditioned not only by the voiced-voiceless split but also by vowel length.
He should be in his cathedral, or one of his parishes, not only celebrating Mass on the feasts, but also praying Matins and Vespers.
The Court stated that to qualify as disabled under the ADA, a plaintiff must prove not only a physical or mental impairment, but also that the impairment limits, in a substantial way.