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I hereby hold that the allegations brought against the first respondent were not proven to the satisfaction of the court.
Scotland's controversial not proven verdict regularly comes under scrutiny.
OUR front page story yesterday on the Francis Auld case had many readers online urging Holyrood to scrap the controversial not proven verdict.
ISLAMABAD -- At least 55 percent Pakistanis believe that most criminals are not proven guilty in Pakistani courts.
But the NCTL announced that the case was not proven against Mr Khan and added it had been asked to publicise these findings by Mr Khan, even though he did not appear at the disciplinary hearing and is believed to be living in Qatar.
Jubouri added that "if not proven - which is sure- he will be prosecuted for defamation and misleading public opinion.
The former director general maintained that trial court did not take into account all the aspects of the law as corruption was not proven on his part by any of the witnesses statements.
The findings for the four officers was that misconduct was not proven.
JUSTICE chiefs have rejected a compensation claim by Barry George - cleared for the murder of TV star Jill Dando after eight years behind bars - because he has not proven his innocence.
Your emails and texts Greatness not proven In the Arc, Sea The Stars earned a Racing Post Rating of 132, but claimed an 8lb weight-for-age allowance from Youmzain (RPR 125).
I refer to the quote from Fiona Gough, of the Government Office for the North East, stating the "case is also not yet proven" meaning the economic case, for dualling the A1 is not proven.
Woods argued that the opposing counsel had not proven an "urgent need" to obtain Mahony's deposition for the case.