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Plural of notum.


(Zoology) the plural of notum


none of the above.
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It took me all I knew to guard the interests of my owners--whom, nota bene, I had never seen--while Siegers (who had made their acquaintance some years before, during a business tour in Australia) pretended to the knowledge of their innermost minds, and, in the character of "our very good friends," threw them perpetually at my head.
Numerous countries - including France, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, and most recently India - already offer voters either a NOTA or RON option or the equivalent, and the idea is finally being taken seriously here too.
A lively and caring young woman, Nota opened Nutrihome over three years ago, and has seen it leap from strength to strength, encouraging children to understand the need for a healthy diet and offering both nutritional advice and exercise classes on a long-term basis.
Jacob Nota explains that observing proper bedtime could be the practical intervention for people who are troubled by RNT.
ATLANTA, July 24, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Invoiceware International, the largest Latin America Business Network, has been selected by Krones AG to lower the cost of implementing and maintaining electronic invoicing with Brazil's Nota Fiscal mandates including the required updates to version 3.
In Baramulla parliamentary segment, 4,568 voters had pressed NOTA button while 5,936 and 4,979 voters used the option in Islamabad and Srinagar constituencies respectively.
Nota Bella, conducted by Garry Jones and accompanied by Head of Music, Richard Marr, is a non-auditioned, close-harmony group involving fifty students from all year groups.
We would request to the people of Delhi that they should not rely on Arvind for the general elections, they can vote anybody, if not they can also press the NOTA button and create a history of the majority of rejection.
Nota also shared the relevance of Philips' new brand positioning, which it launched in Novembes.
In a grounbreaking verdict in September this year, allowing the NOTA option this September, holding that voters have a Right to Reject all poll candidates.
Nota is thanks to the Supreme Court, which, in its path-breaking verdict this September, accorded voters the right to reject all candidates contesting polls.
Nota will oversee business strategies and growth initiatives and will be responsible for plant production, personnel and sales.