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tr.v. no·ta·rized, no·ta·riz·ing, no·ta·riz·es
To certify or attest to (the validity of a signature on a document, for example) as a notary public.

no′ta·ri·za′tion (-rĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˈnəʊtəˌraɪzd) or


(Law) law attested to or authenticated by a notary
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02 The bidder must furnish with its bid, a completed, signed and notarized Business Relationship Affidavit, a copy of which is included in the Contract Documents as Section V.
at least 2 business days before the Meeting takes place: (i) for legal entities: notarized copies of the legal entity's Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws or Articles of Association, minutes recording the election of its Board of Directors (if one exists) and minutes recording the election of its Executive Officers that include the election of the legal representative(s) that will be present at the Meeting; (ii) for individual persons: notarized copies of the shareholder's identification document and Brazilian taxpayer's registry (CPF); and (iii) for investment funds: notarized copies of the fund's regulations and the Bylaws or Articles of Association of the fund's manager, as well as minutes recording the election of the legal representative(s) that will be present at the Meeting.
But a state vital records employee insisted she would need to have a Pap smear, get a doctor's note, have that note notarized, and bring it back before they would make the change.
Also, those signatures were sometimes notarized when the signer was not present, as required by law.
The first bill, HB2218 (also known as the "Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act"), prohibits abortion after twenty-two weeks of pregnancy, on the claim that the fetus can feel pain at that point; while HB2035 ("Accuracy in Abortion Reporting and Parental Rights Act") requires a physician to have written and notarized parental or guardian consent for any teen seeking abortion.
The testator may appear in person at the Springfield office and present valid photo identification to receive the will or request the will via mail through a notarized written request.
According to investigators, the two allegedly signed and notarized documents submitted to regulators that showed they had far more in claims-paying reserves than they had.
Central Election Committee stresses that political party shall attach notarized copy of its statute to the declaration.
He says that inspectors threatened him because he notarized documents in Albanian but he explained to them that this is legal.
Once domestic partners pick up their forms, they still need to get them notarized - which is where Basic Rights Oregon, the statewide gay rights advocacy group, comes in.
If you do not want the item, simply return the card with the notarized signatures of all senior administrators within 24 hours.
To get off the list, a traveler must submit notarized copies of birth certificates and other documents.