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n. pl. nou·me·na (-nə)
In the philosophy of Kant, an object as it is in itself independent of the mind, as opposed to a phenomenon. Also called thing-in-itself.

[German, from Greek nooumenon, from neuter present passive participle of noein, to perceive by thought, from nous, mind.]

nou′men·al (-mə-nəl) adj.
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Empiricism, however, also went through a crisis in England due to its own limitations, namely that it made no provision for the noumenal, and that senses themselves are often limited or misleading (63).
El filosofo destaca que el ser humano no es solo la <<carne>>, sino que el hombre se constituye tambien por algo inmaterial: <<In our engagement with music, as in our engagement with people, something noumenal "inside" us is directly in contact with something noumenal "outside" us>> (p.
Rejecting the possibility of Kant's noumenal and Hegel's synthesis, they insisted on an epistemology based on the truth of evidence.
Wariboko claims that Pentecostalism closes the space between the thing-in-itself, the experience of the noumenal, and phenomenal knowledge.
as if the true subject itself--the noumenal subject, not the
Rather, it is because of the tension in his poetry between object and perception, and the materiality with which he invests, almost synesthetically, even so seemingly abstract an object as a number--and all this in the face of his commitment to the direct, the noumenal.
In contrast to the traditional interpretation of Kant's account of the self, these materials picture Kant consistently holding to a notion that the soul is a simple, noumenal substance in an ontological sense.
there are relations in the noumenal world, but we cannot think them directly" (emphasis added).
This is Wagner's great instantiation of Schopenhauer's world divided into noumenal reality (will) and phenomenal appearance (representation).
The ultimate stage of Hua-yen emphasizes harmonious coexistence of particularities without necessarily foregrounding their noumenal aspect.
It is the view that a noumenal world--a world of hyperspace, of higher dimensions - awaits discovery by all the sciences, which it will unite and unify, awaits discovery under its first aspect of a realm Of PATTERNED RELATIONS, inconceivably manifold and yet bearing a recognizable affinity to the rich and systematic organization of LANGUAGE, including au fond mathematics and music, which are ultimately of the same kindred as language.
the essence of religion) within the domain of reason and rational morality, and ultimately justified it by means of our participation in the noumenal world.