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In no way, manner, or degree; not at all.


another word for noway



not at all; noway.
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Adv.1.nowise - in no manner; "they are nowise different"


[ˈnəʊwaɪz] ADV (US) → de ninguna manera
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Having stirred this prodigious up- roar, and, apparently, finding it too prodigious, the brigade, after a little time, came marching airily out again with its fine formation in nowise disturbed.
Fighting with a large army under your command is nowise different from fighting with a small one: it is merely a question of instituting signs and signals.
But that did in nowise mend the matter, or at all soften the hard heart of the learned gentleman with the copy of Blackstone.
Seeing which Don Quixote quitted the soft down, and, nowise slothful, dressed himself in his chamois suit and put on his travelling boots to hide the disaster to his stockings.
The State governments may be regarded as constituent and essential parts of the federal government; whilst the latter is nowise essential to the operation or organization of the former.
But when my darter -- she's a schoolma'am like you -- went out West to teach I felt real lonesome and wasn't nowise sot against the idea.
In this the ancient was in nowise unlike the rest of his dark- skinned Melanesian race.
says I, expecting something quite startling, but nowise prepared for what I really got.
I question not but the ingenious author of the Spectator was principally induced to prefix Greek and Latin mottos to every paper, from the same consideration of guarding against the pursuit of those scribblers, who having no talents of a writer but what is taught by the writing-master, are yet nowise afraid nor ashamed to assume the same titles with the greatest genius, than their good brother in the fable was of braying in the lion's skin.
A soldier possessed by Genestas' passion for domestic economy could not help at once drawing inferences as to the life and character of its owner from the gateway before him; and this, in spite of his habits of circumspection, he in nowise failed to do.
When we found him, everything was decent except'--Fuchs wrinkled his brow and hesitated--'except what he couldn't nowise foresee.
His fall in nowise lessened the faith of his people in his charmed life; for they declared that it was not a bullet which laid him low, but a bit of horn which had been shot into him by some Blackfoot marksman aware, no doubt, of the inefficacy of lead.