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1. At the present time: goods now on sale; the now aging dictator.
2. At once; immediately: Stop now.
3. In the immediate past; very recently: left the room just now.
4. At this point in the series of events; then: The ship was now listing to port.
5. At times; sometimes: now hot, now cold.
6. Nowadays.
7. In these circumstances; as things are: Now we won't be able to stay.
a. Used to introduce a command, reproof, or request: Now pay attention.
b. Used to indicate a change of subject or to preface a remark: Now, let's get down to work.
Seeing that; since. Often used with that: Now that spring is here, we can expect milder weather.
The present time or moment: wouldn't work up to now.
1. Of the present time; current: our now governor.
2. Slang Currently fashionable; trendy: the now sound of this new rock band.
now and again/then

[Middle English, from Old English ; see nu- in Indo-European roots.]

now′ness n.


National Organization for Women


the quality of occurring or existing in the present time
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Noun1.nowness - the quality of being the present; "a study of the pastness of the present and...of the presentness of the past"- R.E.Spiller
timing - the time when something happens
currentness, up-to-dateness, currency - the property of belonging to the present time; "the currency of a slang term"
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The articles in this special issue, especially the one by Thomas, suggest that the nowness and co-constructedness of social media sometimes conflate the living and the telling.
It was as fresh and innocent as nowness awareness, every morning for half an hour, an hour, or more.
30) What better way to test such nowness than with the instantaneous allure of the digital?
But fashion is about nowness, difference, personalities -- magazines will only survive beyond print if they embrace the same pace and openness as the brands that advertise with them.
Finally, in the third part of the article, I return to vlogger Zoella to outline in more detail how she practices accessibility, authenticity, and the temporality of nowness and connectedness and, moreover, how the broadening of her field of operation to include more traditional media changed the temporality of instantaneity constructed on YouTube.
When Joan Miro declared in 1928 that 'since the age of cave painting, art has done nothing but degenerate', he expressed a widely shared sense of the nowness of these works.
As he explores Stead's manipulation of the affordances of the periodical, particularly competing rhythms of seriality, Mussell underlines the link between the periodical press and shifting understandings of journalistic practice and public discourse, culminating in the fantasy of "a simultaneity, a ubiquitous nowness, that Stead, like many of his contemporaries, dreamed about but never achieved" (87).
But then, just as I have slowed down enough to enjoy the nowness of now, and the grass has started growing under my feet, the mobile phone goes.
To celebrate the launch of the Kate Moss x Topshop range, the high-street mecca has collaborated with NOWNESS to create eight short films, offering fashion fans an unprecedented glimpse into the supermodel's world.