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1. A small stunted ear of corn.
2. A small stunted or projecting part.

[From nub.]


chiefly US and Canadian something small or undeveloped, esp a fruit or ear of corn
[C19: diminutive of nub]


(ˈnʌb ɪn)

1. a small lump or stunted piece; stub.
2. a small or imperfect ear of corn.
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Noun1.nubbin - a small nub (especially an undeveloped fruit or ear of corn)
nub, stub - a small piece; "a nub of coal"; "a stub of a pencil"
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The spleen is an early casualty of organ damage from repeated infarctive episodes, which reduce it to a nubbin of fibrous tissue.
Maybe, it's a Pentagon plot to wear you down to a nubbin on a foot-slogging, blister-breeding, 20-mile, forced march with a 50-pound pack and a 10-pound rifle.
The presentation spans from the well-recognized skin tag and nubbin along the ulnar border of the hand to a fully duplicated digit.
Spinnerets: ALS with single major ampullate gland spigot, single large adjacent nubbin and many piriform gland spigots (Fig.
The larger one had a small nubbin protruding from the surface measuring approximately 2mm.
Indication: Nonpalpable testes, which comprise approximately 20% of undescended testes, may include testicular agenesis, intra-abdominal testicular nubbin, intra-abdominal testis, vanishing testis, extra-abdominal testicular nubbin or intracanalicular testis that are not palpable despite careful physical examination.
8): precaudal vertebrae 11; caudal vertebrae (including terminal element) 16; vertebrae 3-11 with pleural rib articulating with respective parapophyses; twelve pairs of epineurals, articulating with vertebrae as follows: epineurals 1, 2 with corresponding parapophyses, 3-10 with corresponding pleural ribs, epineural 11 reduced and not articulating with pleural rib and 12 highly reduced and embedded in tissue; first caudal vertebra with expanded haemal arch and tiny haemal spine; haemal arch comprising elongate parapophyses, "rib-like" in appearance in lateral view; where parapophyses join ventrally to form haemal arch, a nubbin of bone (haemal spine) projecting posteriorly (Fig.
And those ridiculous strings that exposed more wax to use, when the thing was worn down to a little nubbin.
Gibraltar, that curious nubbin of Britishness poking out into the Mediterranean, has endured a miserable winter with rainfall at a record level, although it was probably warm rain.
Nubbin Creek, Alabama, 2007, lush greenery overtakes an elderly man in a camouflage T-shirt.
Which is why I can't help thinking Aston Villa's new signing Andy Marshall might prove to be nothing more than a nubbin, a thripple, a trip-nip or whatever the vernacular is.
An imperfect or small ear of corn is called a nubbin.