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1. A small stunted ear of corn.
2. A small stunted or projecting part.

[From nub.]


chiefly US and Canadian something small or undeveloped, esp a fruit or ear of corn
[C19: diminutive of nub]


(ˈnʌb ɪn)

1. a small lump or stunted piece; stub.
2. a small or imperfect ear of corn.
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Noun1.nubbin - a small nub (especially an undeveloped fruit or ear of corn)
nub, stub - a small piece; "a nub of coal"; "a stub of a pencil"
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The look and feel is unequivocally thinkpad as well, with a black color scheme throughout and the usual thinkpad keyboard- complete with the iconic red trackpoint nubbin in the center - utilized on the detachable keyboard cover.
A few dogs cannot tolerate them, but unless you let the rawhide get chewed to a nubbin, which he could swallow, they are safe.
Tokar, "Do we need laparoscopic abdominal exploration for a testicular nubbin palpated in the inguinal region?
The spleen is an early casualty of organ damage from repeated infarctive episodes, which reduce it to a nubbin of fibrous tissue.
Maybe, it's a Pentagon plot to wear you down to a nubbin on a foot-slogging, blister-breeding, 20-mile, forced march with a 50-pound pack and a 10-pound rifle.
The presentation spans from the well-recognized skin tag and nubbin along the ulnar border of the hand to a fully duplicated digit.
Spinnerets: ALS with single major ampullate gland spigot, single large adjacent nubbin and many piriform gland spigots (Fig.
The larger one had a small nubbin protruding from the surface measuring approximately 2mm.
Sing them to yourself, sniffling, as you stare at photos on the camp website, hitting "refresh" repeatedly, searching desperately for images of your child, reading all kinds of import into her body language and facial expressions and ratcheting yourself into a sphincter-tight little nubbin of anxiety.
Indication: Nonpalpable testes, which comprise approximately 20% of undescended testes, may include testicular agenesis, intra-abdominal testicular nubbin, intra-abdominal testis, vanishing testis, extra-abdominal testicular nubbin or intracanalicular testis that are not palpable despite careful physical examination.
8): precaudal vertebrae 11; caudal vertebrae (including terminal element) 16; vertebrae 3-11 with pleural rib articulating with respective parapophyses; twelve pairs of epineurals, articulating with vertebrae as follows: epineurals 1, 2 with corresponding parapophyses, 3-10 with corresponding pleural ribs, epineural 11 reduced and not articulating with pleural rib and 12 highly reduced and embedded in tissue; first caudal vertebra with expanded haemal arch and tiny haemal spine; haemal arch comprising elongate parapophyses, "rib-like" in appearance in lateral view; where parapophyses join ventrally to form haemal arch, a nubbin of bone (haemal spine) projecting posteriorly (Fig.
And those ridiculous strings that exposed more wax to use, when the thing was worn down to a little nubbin.