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adj. nub·bli·er, nub·bli·est
Rough or irregular; textured: the nubbly surface of raw silk.

[From nubble, a small lump (from nub; see nub) + -y.]
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Adj.1.nubbly - of textilesnubbly - of textiles; having a rough surface; "a sweater knitted of nubbly homespun yarns"
rough, unsmooth - having or caused by an irregular surface; "trees with rough bark"; "rough ground"; "rough skin"; "rough blankets"; "his unsmooth face"
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You'll harvest a half-dozen varieties, from nubbly bladderwrack to cellophane-thin nori to glistening ribbons of kombu (which makes for a terrific soup thickener).
Some of the other sources of fabrics include a nubbly, old-ladyish cotton housedress (that smelled like perspiration when I ironed it), curtains with a zany, architectural theme, $22 a yard peacock blue gauzy Indian cotton with metallic gold thread woven into it, rayon pajamas that I bought used long ago (and frequently wore myself) depicting stereotypical 'Chinamen' carrying parasols in a mountainous landscape, several coarsely-woven Guatemalan cottons in deep reds (I cut up one of my own skirts, worn daily on a trip ten years ago when I walked all over Manhattan), a lightweight red brocade with a pattern of roses.
At the same time the proportion of nubbly type plaque mixed plaque nubbly and nodular type calcification in the main plaque in inconsistent group were higher than those in consistent group (P less than 0.
La Quilda sank her shears into the hen's body, she singed the feathers, laughing; she felt around in the entrails until pulling out a yellow, nubbly, clustered, botryoidal lump of flesh.
The style of the clothes is a throwback to the early part of the last century with lots of tweedy, nubbly cloths, military style coats, collarless shirts, vests and even cardigans.
Others roll nubbly, hand-dyed strands of wool between their fingers with a concentration and expertise reminiscent of some mystic, ancient ritual.
I look for my father in the open-air flea market along the Cours Mirabeau, where they sell raw silk scarves of all colors and straw baskets of all shapes and sizes * I finger the silk, let it slide across the back of my hand to feel its nubbly smoothness * I imagine carrying home a dozen brown eggs, russet potatoes, and leeks in a new shopping basket with one cane dyed red, woven in and out among the white undyed canes like a ribbon running around its circumference * I look and look but buy nothing
The plastered walls were nubbly and crumbling, and I always wondered if chunks would avalanche when she yelled.
There were striped pantsuits for business meetings, a tiered white linen dress topped with a bone-colored leather blazer for luncheons, and a nubbly Baja hoodie for weekends.
My husband managed to make room for pistachio polenta cake, nubbly and delicious, served with almond ice cream and roast strawberries.
Fabrics such as nubbly linens, rough hessian and watered silk in a palette of sky blues, cloudy whites and soft greys create a soothing harmony.