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 (no͞o-sĕl′əs, nyo͞o-)
n. pl. nu·cel·li (-sĕl′ī) Botany
The central portion of an ovule in which the embryo sac develops.

[New Latin, from nux, nuc-, nut.]

nu·cel′lar adj.


n, pl -li (-laɪ)
(Botany) the central part of a plant ovule containing the embryo sac
[C19: New Latin, from Latin nucella, from nux nut]
nuˈcellar adj


(nuˈsɛl əs, nyu-)

n., pl. -cel•li (-ˈsɛl aɪ)
the central cellular mass of the body of the ovule, containing the embryo sac.
[1880–85; < New Latin < Latin nuc- (s. of nux) nut]
nu•cel′lar, adj.
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Noun1.nucellus - central part of a plant ovulenucellus - central part of a plant ovule; contains the embryo sac
ovule - a small body that contains the female germ cell of a plant; develops into a seed after fertilization
plant part, plant structure - any part of a plant or fungus
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After seed germination, when the seedlings (ungrafted or plants from seeds) showed three or more pairs of true leaves, only one individual was left to develop, with caution to maintain only those that represented the standard of the plant of each genotype, in order to select seedlings of nucellar origin, thus representative of their respective mother plants.
Endogeonus hormone levels in habituated nucellar Citrus callus during the initial stages of regeneration.
The complications in Citrus classification are mostly due to frequent inter-species cross pollination that propagates and stabilizes hybrid taxa, bud mutations, adventitious nucellar embryony, polyploidy (Scora, 1975).
The nucellar epidermal layer and the subdermal layer cells developed by anticlinal division (Fig.
The micropyle is formed by the two integuments delimiting a narrow opening that is occluded by the nucellar beak (see Figure 4F).
He wrote that such nucellar proteins likely are responsible for processing cellular compounds that are secreted into the drop.
The following are examples of models of asexual reproduction: Rooting Cutting; Apomictic Seeds; Division; Layering; Runners; Tissue Culture; Grafting and Budding; Bulbs; Slips; Rhizomes; Corms; and Nucellar Embryos.
Characterizations of zygotic and nucellar seedlings from sour orange-like citrus rootstock candidates using RAPD end EST-SSR markers.
Normally in cucurbits, the seed setting and seed germination is low, probably due to presence of a thin nucellar membrane lending impermeability to water and gases and make them dormant for many days (Devendra et al.