nuclear fusion reaction

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Noun1.nuclear fusion reaction - a nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine to form more massive nuclei with the simultaneous release of energy
cold fusion - nuclear fusion at or near room temperatures; claims to have discovered it are generally considered to have been mistaken
nuclear reaction - (physics) a process that alters the energy or structure or composition of atomic nuclei
thermonuclear reaction - a nuclear fusion reaction taking place at very high temperatures (as in the sun)
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Given the resources, I believe scientists will discover new ways and means of delivering green and affordable electricity, such as the recent development of a controlled nuclear fusion reaction, using computer designed magnets without the need for huge inputs of electricity.
Of the various designs for nuclear fusion reaction, one reactor type has been developed in the US to generate power cheaper than a new coal-fired plant's electricity (see below).
In UNIT, nuclear fusion reaction is carried out at the main chamber and fission reaction at the sub-chamber.
At a Press conference on March 23, 1989, the two men announced they had sustained a controlled nuclear fusion reaction in a glass jar that generated four times more energy than they put in.
The shrinkage sets off a runaway nuclear fusion reaction that races through the star within seconds, consuming it entirely.
nuclear fusion reaction, which results in a thermonuclear explosion, such as
Monday's announcement came just days after reports from North Korean state media that the country's scientists had succeeded in carrying out a nuclear fusion reaction, and thereby made a "breakthrough" in the possible creation of new energy sources.
SEOUL: North Korea, one of the world s poorest countries, said on Wednesday it had succeeded in creating a nuclear fusion reaction to produce energy, a claim called absurd by nuclear experts.
Seoul, May 12 (BNA) North Korea said Wednesday it succeeded in producing a nuclear fusion reaction, a claim that appeared to be aimed at increasing its bargaining power before the communist state rejoins stalled six nation talks on its nuclear ambitions.
North Korea claimed Wednesday that its scientist succeeded in creating a controlled nuclear fusion reaction, a feat that would make one of the world's poorest countries the world's most technologically advanced.
Two scientists have successfully created a sustained nuclear fusion reaction at room temperature in a chemistry laboratory at the University of Utah.
BRITISH and Japanese scientists came a step closer to creating a controlled nuclear fusion reaction yesterday.

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