nuclear propulsion

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Noun1.nuclear propulsion - the use of a nuclear reactor either to produce electricity to power an engine (as in a nuclear submarine) or to directly heat a propellant (as in nuclear rockets)
propulsion - a propelling force
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Additionally, Southern Company is a founding partner of the Troops to Energy Jobs program, a recruiting source that links veterans to job openings in the energy industry, and actively recruits members of the Navy as a Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program partner.
The 227-page book is an autobiography of a man who built the nuclear propulsion programme for India's future nuclear submarine fleet at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre starting with the Arihant submarine.
All the incidents involved the subs' nuclear propulsion systems or issues with nuclear weapons.
Developing new hulls and nuclear propulsion is the first step, improved aircraft can be added in later.
Contracting Officer (NACO), Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program
The US has a fleet of 15 military oil tankers, and only aircraft carriers and some submarines are equipped with nuclear propulsion.
Nuclear aircraft carriers are equipped with nuclear propulsion system which causes environmental damage to the region, Rear Admiral Sayyari told the Islamic republic news agency.
The remarks come as several Iranian lawmakers said recently that they had prepared a draft bill urging the government to equip commercial vessels with nuclear propulsion systems in order to avert the US-engineered sanctions that ban other countries from refueling Iranian ships.
Apparently the Ministry of Defence has placed pounds 350m of work to design the new vessels, while British defence companies are also expected to be asked to begin work on their nuclear propulsion systems.
MOSKOVA (C\u304 HAN)- A Russian Megawatt-class nuclear propulsion system for long-range manned spacecraft must be ready by 2017, Skolkovo Foundation's Nuclear Cluster head Denis Kovalevich said on Wednesday.
And she recently graduated from the US Navy nuclear propulsion programme to become a petty officer.
After completing master's degrees in naval architecture and nuclear engineering, he served as manager of the nuclear propulsion department of the French navy's primary shipbuilding unit, the Brest division of the Directorate for Naval Construction (DCN), where he was in charge of maintenance for "Le Redoutable" class SSBN propulsion systems.

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