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 (no͞o′klē-ə-sōm′, nyo͞o′-)
Any of the repeating subunits of chromatin found in eukaryotes, consisting of a DNA chain coiled around a core of histones.

nu′cle·o·som′al (-sō′məl) adj.


(Biochemistry) biochem relating to a nucleosome or one of the reproduced sections of DNA in a chromosome
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These include techniques based on molecular imaging, advanced genomic and transcriptomic methods of detection of clinically significant biomarkers and identification of nucleosomal levels.
Similarly, a recent study in our laboratory indicated that garlic compounds generate MDA production in HL-60 cells leading to phosphatidylserine externalization, caspase-3 activation, nucleosomal DNA fragmentation, and cell death (Yedjou and Tchounwou, 2012).
Circulating fragmented nucleosomal DNA and caspase-3 mRNA in patients with lymphoma and myeloma.
A nucleosomal protein, HMGB1, has recently been established as a late mediator of lethal systemic inflammation with a relatively wider therapeutic window for pharmacological interventions.
Mechanisms inducing sperm DNA damage: During sperm nuclear condensation, a dramatic sequence of events occurs involving topological rearrangements, transition of DNA-binding proteins, alterations in transcription and loss of nucleosomal structure.
A positive role for histone acetylation in transcription factor access to nucleosomal DNA.
Such a pattern corresponded to inter nucleosomal cleavage, which was characteristic of apoptosis.
The nucleosomal DNA was extracted according to the protocol provided with the apoptosis kit, (G.
Acetylation of the e amino lysines weakens the electrostatic attraction for the (negatively charged) nucleic acids and disassembles the nucleosomal histones, further the DNA sequence is accessible for various transcriptional factors and activates the gene transcription whereas deacetylation results in chromatin condensation and gene repression (30,31).
Formation of the nucleosomal DNA ladder is the hallmark of apoptosis so analysis of the pattern of DNA isolated from the cells exposed to different stress inducers was done.
Fragmented nucleosomal DNA in plasma resulting from apoptotic death of the tumor cells may also provide an indication for tumor DNA.
In some cancer cells, there is an overexpression of HDACs, or an aberrant recruitment of HDACs to oncogenic transcription factors causing hypoacetylation of core nucleosomal histones.