nude dancing

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Noun1.nude dancing - erotic dancing with little or no clothingnude dancing - erotic dancing with little or no clothing
choreography, stage dancing - a show involving artistic dancing
fan dance - a solo dance in which large fans are manipulated to suggest or reveal nakedness
strip show, striptease, strip - a form of erotic entertainment in which a dancer gradually undresses to music; "she did a strip right in front of everyone"
bubble dance - a solo dance similar to a fan dance except large balloons are used instead of fans
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The new rules forbid fully nude dancing and also bans clubs from advertising in their windows using photographs or other images which suggest that striptease takes place.
Worse, the basement of the new Harry's Bar may want to stage nude dancing.
The original plans, thought to have been modified since, requested permission for nude dancing in the bars.
The anti-pornography bill states that there has been an "increase in pornographic materials in the Ugandan mass media and nude dancing in the entertainment world".
10) An existing company, American Bush, had operated nude dancing businesses and wanted to continue to do so.
The suit wound its way to the Texas Supreme Court, where justices in August 2011 ruled that the fee was directed not at the expression of nude dancing, but at the "secondary effects of nude dancing when alcohol is being consumed.
He also added that the fee was not to suppress expression in nude dancing, but was intended at "the secondary effects of nude dancing when alcohol is being consumed.
The club, which features nude dancing, garnered headlines last month when a video was posted online showing a club employee allegedly beating and robbing a patron in a bathroom inside the establishment last year.
Under the new regime, elected councillors will be able to set a total limit on nude dancing venues, keep them out of residential areas and decide whether the owner is a suitable.
While that case delighted liberals and upset conservatives, another Landau opinion in which the court held that nude dancing is not constitutionally protected speech did the opposite.
But It was a late change of heart by local police, who at first had no formal objections, which swung the three-strong licensing committee against the Introduction of nude dancing In Mere Green.
20 /PRNewswire/ -- Club Rendezvous, a well-known gentlemen's club located within the District of Columbia's C-3-A Skyland Development Project zone, hopes to rendezvous with a new owner at a Monday, October 22 auction, offering its near priceless Class CN01 liquor and nude dancing license to the highest bidder, subject to a $1.