nude sculpture

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Noun1.nude sculpture - a statue of a naked human figure
statue - a sculpture representing a human or animal
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Still, recognizing that James did not have access to a full data set, so to speak, of Hawthorne and nude sculpture does not entirely let him off the hook.
Occasionally, a commissioned piece carries with it a poignancy that is almost overwhelming, as in the case of a woman who sent Leckie pictures and asked him to create a nude sculpture of her.
Each sensual nude sculpture in the "Ladies of the Vine" series offers Thomas a new challenge as he creates a different piece for a different kind of wine.
Through postmodern analyses of classic nude sculpture, painting, photography, Internet images, the Museum of Sex, and performance art, Dennis (modern and contemporary art history, U.
One of the indications of Femme piquee's departure from the norms governing female nude sculpture is its depiction of a particular, immediate and material body rather than "the female body" of conventional nudes (where "the" connotes the abstract, the generic, the metaphysical).
There are Mediterranean touches, like tiled cupboards, clashing with art deco lamps and an abstract nude sculpture.
in 1965, left; with children from Earle Road School, Liverpool, in 1995, above; and at the Bromborough Stork factory in 1962 STEPPING OUT: Princess Margaret at Picton Library, Liverpool, in 1959; and, right, at Chester Cathedral in 1965 EYE, EYE: A nude sculpture catches the eye of Princess Margaret at Liverpool Medical Institution on a visit to the city in 1966