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also nud·nick  (no͝od′nĭk)
n. Slang
An obtuse, boring, or bothersome person; a pest.

[Yiddish, nudne, boring (from nudyen, to bore; see nudge2) + -nik, -nik.]


informal US an annoying or boring person
[C20: from Yiddish nudyen to bore + -nik]


(ˈnʊd nɪk)

Slang. a bore; pest.
[1945–50, Amer.; < Yiddish, =nud-, base of nudyen (see nudge2) + -nik -nik]
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Noun1.nudnik - (Yiddish) someone who is a boring pest
Yiddish - a dialect of High German including some Hebrew and other words; spoken in Europe as a vernacular by many Jews; written in the Hebrew script
bore, dullard - a person who evokes boredom
blighter, cuss, gadfly, pesterer, pest - a persistently annoying person
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Meanwhile, he indicates that college knowledge is not a substitute for personal or local knowledge: "A nudnik is a pest; a phudnik is a nudnik with a Ph.
A warm-hearted nudnik cum handler, Norman is the operator of his own mitzvah bank, unwittingly facilitating a political miracle.
We are pleased to welcome our fourth cohort of entrepreneurs, Authentic or Not, Nudnik and Omi Woods, to the Joe Fresh Centre for Fashion Innovation," said Ian Freedman, President, Joe Fresh.
Yiddish of course gave Hebrew a full and familiar range of colorful words: chutzpah, dreck, luksh, nebech, nudnik, pisher, pupik, putz, shlumper, shmegege, shmendrik, shmuck, shnorer, shvitzer, and also broch (imbroglio, dilemma), foyleshtik (monkey business), greps, gurnisht, kuntz, macher, mishmash, pulke, pitchifkes, shmuntzes, plonter (predicament), pekelach, shvung (momentum), shluk (sip, but more like a slurp or pull, as the sound of the word suggests), shmates, shpitz, shpritz, tzutzik (smallfry) and tussik or tuches, the latter apparently from the Hebrew tachat (bottom), showing how, via Yiddish, Hebrew words may reenter the spoken language through the back door, so to speak.
Mt Saverin was pilloried in the press by people who would likely have done the same thing if they were in his shoes, and the nudnik senior senator from New York, Charles Schumer, has proposed a law to heavily penalize people who try to make such a move.
the electronic nudnik is sheltered by anonymity, his acts amplified by an almost inconceivable multiplication and instantaneousness of transmission.
So they took "alright" as in "alright already," tacked on nik as in sputnik or nudnik, and came up with alrightnik.
He did not call any of them a chazzer, chutzpenik, draikop, ganef, k'vatsh, nudnik, ongeblozzener, oysvurf, potzevateh, pustunpasnik, schmendrick, shikker, shlub, shmegegi, shmok, shnook, traifnyak, trombenik, yold, yukel, zhlob or zhulik (terms of endearment he apparently reserved for melt), and indeed Yale expressed the greatest respect and affection for those who engaged him in these rhetorical rhubarbs.
protection and put it briefly in the hands of a nudnik named Abe Hirschfeld, a bombastic figure in New York who is currently behind bars and fighting charges that he hired a hit man to kill a business partner.