numb chin syndrome

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numb chin syn·drome

n. síndrome del mentón entumecido, pérdida de sensación y parestesia con calambre en un lado del mentón y el labio inferior como resultado de una condición de infiltración neoplásica del nervio mental ipsilateral obstruido por un mioloma o un carcinoma de la mama o de la próstata.
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Numb chin syndrome is a sensory neuropathy caused by compromise of the mental nerve, the posterior branch of the inferior alveolar nerve, which leads to numbness or tingling in its respective distribution.
To our knowledge, this is the first described case of numb chin syndrome as an initial presentation of malignancy in a transplant patient.
While our patient's natural history of PTLD was not unusual, we felt his initial presentation of numb chin syndrome without any of the typical signs or symptoms of PLTD was noteworthy.
Numb chin syndrome as an early symptom of primary and secondary vasculitis.
Sickle cell disease, a benign cause of numb chin syndrome.
Slightly discomfort or pain, swelling, numb chin syndrome, bone swelling, gingival mass, even though a pathologic fracture may be clinically evident.