number crunching

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number cruncher

n. Slang
1. A computer that is able to perform complex, lengthy calculations.
2. A person who performs numerous calculations, especially an accountant.

number crunching n.

number crunching

(Computer Science) computing informal the large-scale processing of numerical data
number cruncher ninformal
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Noun1.number crunching - performing complex and lengthy numerical calculations
calculation, computation, computing - the procedure of calculating; determining something by mathematical or logical methods
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15 (ANI): Filing for taxes, as crucial as it is, involves a lot of number crunching.
THE NSPCC is calling on teachers in Cardiff to get number crunching to celebrate its Number Day on Tuesday, December 3.
Vaughan-Owen told the jury there was equity in a property and the predicted bonus "that was number crunching by the staff".
Although we are still doing the number crunching, it looks like we've beaten the 70,000 who took past last year to strengthen communities and tackle loneliness and isolation.
Cloud computing, which allows remote data storage and access to information from multiple locations, is a combination of technologies that allow individuals and companies to do everything from word processing to number crunching from anywhere a user can connect to the internet.
NUMBER CRUNCHING Tenth Group winner Klammer became Group winner number ten for Exceed And Excel when taking the Group 3 Horris Hill Stakes at Newbury on Saturday.
This number crunching will not go down well with people who see crime almost daily.
feel like number crunching on a treadmill rather than an entertaining diversion.
A fine and intriguing read, far more than number crunching with calories on the road to weight loss, "The Thought Diet" is a must for anyone who has tried everything and failed to lose weight.