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 (no͞o′mən, nyo͞o′-)
n. pl. nu·mi·na (-mə-nə)
1. A presiding divinity or spirit of a place.
2. A spirit believed by animists to inhabit certain natural phenomena or objects.
3. Creative energy; genius.

[Latin nūmen, nod of the head, divine power, numen.]


n, pl -mina (-mɪnə)
1. (Classical Myth & Legend) (esp in ancient Roman religion) a deity or spirit presiding over a thing or place
2. a guiding principle, force, or spirit
[C17: from Latin: a nod (indicating a command), divine power; compare nuere to nod]


(ˈnu mɪn, ˈnyu-)

n., pl. -mi•na (-mə nə)
divine or supernatural power or presence, esp. as associated with a particular place or object.
[1620–30; < Latin nūmen a nod, command, divine power, divinity, akin to nūtāre to nod the head in assent]
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Noun1.numen - a spirit believed to inhabit an object or preside over a place (especially in ancient Roman religion)
faith, religion, religious belief - a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny; "he lost his faith but not his morality"
disembodied spirit, spirit - any incorporeal supernatural being that can become visible (or audible) to human beings
References in classic literature ?
Homo homini monstrurn-Ast'ra, castra, nomen, numen.
Steenbrink, "The Study of Comparative Religion by Indonesian Muslims," Numen 37 (December, 1990): 141-167.
5) When stewed, they were called "Storehouses of the Fire Numen.
Son muchos los poetas espanoles que le hacen grandes ventajas en el numen, pero ninguno acaso la igualo en la universalidad de noticias de todas facultades" (De la Maza 291).
As regards the term's etymology, an UAN (now to be regarded as an earlier PMP) reconstruction of the Ngaju reflex was given by Dempwolff (1938:68) as *liao' 'reflection,' which would have fit Weinstock's and Sillander's associating the numen with the shadow.
Numen book series; studies in the history of religions; v.
Rather, our numen is found in our regions, our little places, the unseen America beyond the ken of our placeless rulers.
Ses hommes offrirent une dedicace au deus numen Malagbel, un dieu palmyrenien, pour le salut de l'empereur.
Banyan Tree uprooted Rebecca Curtis's Banyan Tree held off Numen in the claiming hurdle but will not be returning to the trainer's west Wales base as he was claimed by Sophie Leech for pounds 10,000.
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