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 (no͞o′mər-əs, nyo͞o′-)
Amounting to a large number; many.

[Middle English, from Latin numerōsus, from numerus, number; see number.]

nu′mer·ous·ly adv.
nu′mer·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.numerousness - a large number
number, figure - the property possessed by a sum or total or indefinite quantity of units or individuals; "he had a number of chores to do"; "the number of parameters is small"; "the figure was about a thousand"
multitudinousness - a very large number (especially of people)
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Nut production was very variable from year to year and location to location, but when mast was available, pigeons could descend on the region, and their very numerousness meant that local predators could make barely a dent in their population, including defenseless young squabs, which parents left to their own devices before they could fly.
His response is to see the many as amenable to the one and numerousness as the upper limit of quotidian thought and speech.
We are not as much concerned with the number of government applications as the quality, easiness of our government procedures; our goal is to make life simple and easy through effective applications rather than the numerousness of these applications.
They immediately encountered some difficulties, such as the high statistical spread of the human factors involved, their relative numerousness, uncertainty and interdependence, which led the studies to represent in a qualitative way only a few observations concerning the phenomenon in question (Dorsey, Coovert 2003).
Since August, the numerousness of rallies has dwindled, but people are still gathering on Sofia's streets every evening.
To prevent exeptance tubes numerousness and electricity pipes integrity, it is better that the sites of switches built entirely on the concrete walls.
Because of the numerousness and variety of these parameters, MCDM approaches are the best solution for handling this problem.
When quantifying the entity measurement result, factored in should be always their numerousness.
Do images like these somehow capture something that is culturally unique to China - described by one commentator as the "numbingly ant-like numerousness of the Chinese population" (Albrechet-Heiks 2007).
In fact, the numerousness and complexity of these regulations have often been cited as the biggest stumbling blocks for foreign investment in the country.