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n. pl. nurse-mid·wives (-wīvz′)
A registered nurse who is also certified to practice midwifery.

nurse′-mid·wife′ry n.
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Noun1.nurse-midwife - a registered nurse who has received special training as a midwife
registered nurse, RN - a graduate nurse who has passed examinations for registration
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After finishing the book I told my mother that I wanted to become a nurse-midwife and she said "they don't use midwives anymore" so my next passion was government and civics.
In short, obstetrical care provided by a nurse-midwife at a birth center is much cheaper than care provided by a physician in a hospital.
Melissa Borgeson, 38, of Charlton, who had a nurse-midwife at St.
Important note: The statute still prohibits a certified nurse-midwife or physician from holding a license both as a certified nurse-midwife or physician and a registration as a direct-entry midwife.
Further, the court noted that CNM Kelly had been certified as a Nurse-Midwife in North Carolina in 1980 and became dual-certified as a Registered Nurse and Nurse-Midwife in Florida in 1990, and that in the year prior to the incident, she spent the majority of her time actively practicing obstetrical nursing at a hospital.
For referral to the city hospital, poorer families received free or subsidised transport and initial medication, at the discretion of the nurse-midwife on duty.
Luke Hospital midwives arranged a local news interview with a nurse-midwife and a woman who had just given birth to her second child to promote midwifery in Kentucky.
The [advisory group] also recognizes that a woman in labor could have emergency medical conditions other than labor that would not be within the scope of practice of a nurse-midwife," she said.
The cell size for nurse-midwife was too small to test for significance.
Letts delivers her story, much like the nurse-midwife she is--with deft hands, coaxing the reader on with absorbing dialogue and narration; providing them with a protagonist who never succumbs to excessive sentimentality, which helps the reader follow Clara through her painful journey to the story's ultimately uplifting resolution.
Mary Edsen, now retired, who suggested she become a nurse-midwife when they were stationed together at George Air Force, Calif.
Bulcha is a nurse-midwife at Kaiser Permanente in Panorama City, where she has worked for the past 15 years.