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or nurse′ practi′tioner,

a registered nurse qualified to diagnose and treat minor ailments.
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1981 Lila McEwen, family nurse practitioner, establishes the first nurse-practitioner private office practice in Eagle River.
They had faced, as challengers, retired firefighter Roger Berger, former board member and nurse-practitioner Deborah Rice and high school clerk Maricela Tisbert.
John Manning and nurse-practitioner Berna Meyer, who also work at High Desert.
In a counterclaim filed in March as a part of that lawsuit, Carney asked for unspecified damages from a physician and a nurse-practitioner who testified against him in the criminal trial.
The nurse-practitioner had examined the teen-age girl, Carney's principal accuser, to whom he said he acted as a surrogate father.
CHICAGO -- Training physician assistants and nurse-practitioners to perform skin exams may be the best way to increase skin cancer screening rates, Paul Christos said at the annual meeting of the Society for Investigative Dermatology
The study tested the ability of four trained nurse-practitioners to perform adequate skin exams by comparing them with three dermatologists.
In 25%-35% of practices, nurse-practitioners or physician assistants performed these physical exams; in 29% of practices, nurse-practitioners or physician assistants performed skin exams.