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Noun1.nursing school - a school for training nursesnursing school - a school for training nurses  
school - an educational institution; "the school was founded in 1900"
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The Committee further expressed concern over the absence of the DCO and EDO of nursing school, Layyah from the Standing Committee meeting.
It expands learning opportunities for nursing students at VA facilities, funds additional faculty positions so competitively selected nursing school partners will accept additional baccalaureate-level students, and increases recruitment and retention of VA nurses.
Many qualified applicants to nursing school in Maryland are denied admission each year because there is no one to teach them.
With limited resources available to nursing schools and a dwindling population of nurse faculty, future enrollment increases may not be possible without a significant boost in federal and state funding needed to prepare new faculty, enhance teaching resources, and upgrade nursing school infrastructure.
On the surface, the two might appear very different - Austin hails from Southern Illinois, she married in 1920 and graduated from nursing school in 1923.
Just because we did not learn something at nursing school, medical school, therapist training, etc.
He expressed these views while addressing the reception held at General Nursing School Attock on Tuesday.
To encourage nursing school graduates to work in Rhode Island upon graduation, RISLA's Nursing Rewards Program offers an interest-free Stafford Loan and $1,000 per year of principal forgiveness during the first four years of repayment.
To stabilize the nursing workforce, the federal government and other stakeholders must focus on increasing nursing school enrollments at the baccalaureate level," said Dr.
We were not taught restorative care in nursing school.
In 2006, nearly 43,000 qualified applicants to baccalaureate and graduate nursing school programs were turned away primarily due to an insufficient number of faculty, according to recent data by the AACN.

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