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The providing of loving care and attention.

nur′tur·ant adj.


(Psychology) psychol the fact of taking care of or nurturing, or the ability to do so, in both a physical and emotional manner


(ˈnɜr tʃər əns)

warm and affectionate physical and emotional support and care.
nur′tur•ant, adj.
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Noun1.nurturance - physical and emotional care and nourishmentnurturance - physical and emotional care and nourishment
care, tending, attention, aid - the work of providing treatment for or attending to someone or something; "no medical care was required"; "the old car needs constant attention"
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Moreover, since a significant majority of Holocaust survivors came from loving and stable families before the Nazi horrors, they had less need for protective dissociation and amnesia than young victims of childhood family abuse, where the abuser(s) who should have provided parental nurturance, safety and love did just the opposite.
At the heart of raising children, the essential element is the wholehearted love, security and nurturance given them by their parents, not the gender combination involved.
Findings were organized into eight domains of pet-owner wellness impact: emotional and physical nurturance, sense of family, sense of responsibility and purpose, friendship or companionship, social interaction and connections, personal values and spiritual meaning, fun and play, and physical health.
It's possible women nd dog owners more attractive as it shows their capacity for commitment and nurturance.
It's possible women find dog owners more attractive as it shows their capacity for commitment and nurturance.
The continuing association with concepts such as caring, altruism, domesticity, and nurturance (Miers, 2000) provide some explanation although as Rolfe (2009) and Twigg (2000) point out, many of these concepts have been widely debated and professionalized.
Beatleness: How the Beatles and Their Fans Remade the World" explains how the band became a source of emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, and spiritual nurturance in fans' lives, creating a relationship that was historically unique.
In infancy, through a merged state with our mother source, we experience safety, nurturance, bliss.
Charissa would do best in a two-parent home where her needs can be met with nurturance and support.
In the present study, we tested 96 men in the Michigan Infant Nurturance Simulation Paradigm (MINSP) using a simulated infant (SI).
Boards are often like Swiss watches, finely tuned and delicately balanced, sometimes requiring years of care and nurturance from the CEO and chair to achieve this state.
This book proceeds from the premise that creativity is a substantially different kind of cognitive capacity, with different conditions for nurturance, than other capacities recognized and cultivated in gifted programs.