nut case

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also nut case  (nŭt′kās′)
n. Slang
A crazy or eccentric person.

nut′ case`

a deranged person; lunatic.
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Noun1.nut case - a whimsically eccentric personnut case - a whimsically eccentric person  
eccentric, eccentric person, oddball, flake, geek - a person with an unusual or odd personality
skør kule
người điên

nut case

مَجنُونٌ cvok skør kule Spinner τρελάρας chiflado hullu taré luđak eccentrico 気違い 괴짜 halve gare skrulling szaleniec louco псих knasboll คนเพี้ยน kaçık người điên 疯狂之人
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But I am not the type of nut case who would post endless selfies or pull attention-seeking stunts just to harvest a handful of positive reax.
I, however, feel that the Nice attacker should also have been called a nut case - a mentally deranged individual who carried out the attack out of sheer frustrations over his failures in life.
Try the Nut Case - which consists of Crunchy Nut Clusters, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, Honey Nut Scooters and honey milk.
I know I am going to end up killing someone one day, but I'm not a nut case," another confessed.
Sweet wrapper collector - page 9) EVERYONE'S a fruit and nut case, went the celebrated 1970s advert for the Cadbury's chocolate bar.
Kirklees NUT case worker Hazel Danson welcomed the drop in recorded attacks but warned that many violent incidents may go unreported.
Americans dont [sic] need him de-stabilizing our wrote ''Stan'' on a CNN blog, and talk radio host Bill Press called Nader a ''colossal, misguided, egomaniacal nut case.
I was so flabbergasted and embarrassed that it was impossible to stutter a coherent reply, but my first thought was, "This woman is a nut case.
There's a sense that if you criticise Darwin you must be some kind of religious nut case.
If you think about the fact," continued Levinson, "the only other public figure who's commented about Sharon's dying being appropriate in any way is the president of Iran, who's a fundamentalist nut case.
as a nerd turned dreamboat and the great Anna Faris playing a Courtney Love/Tara Reid/(Insert loony celebrity here)-type nut case whom Chris must baby-sit, complicating his pursuit of Jamie.
For all the current focus on the Middle East, East Asia remains a dangerous neighborhood -- home to North Korean nut case Kim Jong Il, the volatile Taiwan problem, and the rising military power of communist China.