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1. The act of exchanging opinions and ideas; consultation: joined in counsel with colleagues before deciding the issue.
2. Advice or guidance, especially as solicited from a knowledgeable person. See Synonyms at advice.
3. Private, guarded thoughts or opinions: keep one's own counsel.
4. A lawyer or group of lawyers giving legal advice and especially conducting a case in court.
v. coun·seled, coun·sel·ing, coun·sels or coun·selled or coun·sel·ling
1. To give counsel to; advise: counseled us to be prudent.
2. To recommend: counseled care in the forthcoming negotiations.
To give or take advice. See Usage Note at council.

[Middle English counseil, from Old French conseil, from Latin cōnsilium; akin to cōnsulere, to take counsel, consult.]
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Noun1.counseling - something that provides direction or advice as to a decision or course of actioncounseling - something that provides direction or advice as to a decision or course of action
road map, guideline - a detailed plan or explanation to guide you in setting standards or determining a course of action; "the president said he had a road map for normalizing relations with Vietnam"
subject matter, content, message, substance - what a communication that is about something is about
career counseling - counseling on career opportunities
cynosure - something that provides guidance (as Polaris guides mariners); "let faith be your cynosure to walk by"
genetic counseling - guidance for prospective parents on the likelihood of genetic disorders in their future children
marriage counseling - counseling on marital problems and disagreements
confidential information, steer, tip, wind, hint, lead - an indication of potential opportunity; "he got a tip on the stock market"; "a good lead for a job"


n orientación f, consejería, consejo, asesoría, asesoramiento; family — orientación or consejería or asesoría familiar; genetic — asesoramiento or consejo genético; marriage — consejería or orientación or asesoría matrimonial
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Those no-cost services include fitness center memberships, a tobacco cessation program, health coaching, nutritional counseling and free personal training packages for employees with a BMI of 30 or higher.
Nutritional counseling and psychotherapy are also helpful.
In overweight patients with diabetes, pedometer use with nutritional counseling is associated with 0.
Gastroenterologists, nutritionists, and other clinicians from the US, Australia, and Canada discuss nutritional assessment; macronutrient digestion and absorption; malabsorption; food allergy and intolerance; prebiotics and dietary fiber; the role of intestinal microbiota and probiotics in health and disease; nutrition and gastrointestinal cancer, gastroesophageal reflux disease and eosinophilic esophagitis, celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, and acute and chronic pancreatitis; enteral access and nutrition; parenteral nutrition; medical and endoscopic therapy and surgical management of obesity and complications; and nutritional counseling.
The sessions incorporate exercise, nutritional counseling, medication management, and smoking cessation.
movement include - Endurance check- Agility Check- Attitude diagnostics- Tidal volume check- Spinal Screening- Back-checkThe modules in the subject area diet include - Nutritional counseling and screening- Nutritional counseling and practical workshop Cold food- Theme Day beverage- Theme Day drinking smoothies- Theme Day Sugar- Infrared Body Fat Analysis- Vital screeningThe modules in the field of stress management include - Relaxation Coaching- Cardio-Stress Test- Stress Measurements- EMG MuskeltonusmessungThe modules in Lot 2 (motivation Module) include - T-Wall- Climbing Wall unilaterally- Climbing Wall two-sided- Human table soccer- Bungee trampoline- Speed ?
She is now accepting new patients seeking chiropractic care and nutritional counseling and treats people of all ages.
OBJECTIVE: This study compared the correlation between chiropractic and allopathic perceived level of nutrition training in relation to nutritional counseling practice patterns for patients with obesity.
In his family medicine career, Morris has provided mental and behavioral health care, family planning and sex education, nutritional counseling, education about diet and exercise, and regularly advocates for improved economic conditions for patients.
We know from large randomized trials that even for women with mild GDM, nutritional counseling makes a difference.
The IMDEA Food Institute performs human nutrigenomic studies on its platform comprised of common services for genomics, biostatistics, bioinformatics and nutritional counseling.
This is the only facility in this upscale suburban area that combines nutritional counseling, body sculpting, and cardiovascular exercise all under one roof.

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