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 (no͞o-trĭsh′əs, nyo͞o-)
Providing nourishment; nourishing.

[From Latin nūtrītius, from nūtrīx, nūtrīc-, nurse; see nurse.]

nu·tri′tious·ly adv.
nu·tri′tious·ness n.
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Noun1.nutritiousness - the quality of being nourishing and promoting healthy growth
wholesomeness - the quality of being beneficial and generally good for you


nNahrhaftigkeit f
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Throughout the history of the institute (which closed in 1966) the cure included many of the same supports, such as mutual sharing of difficulties, Alcoholics Anonymous roundups, church attendance, vitamin therapy, and nutritiousness and exercise.
3 Overall, how would you rate the level of nutritiousness suggested by the information on the package (not nutritious at all/very nutritious)?
I regarded it with the desire to submit to this illusion: to sink into sheer nutritiousness.
Hispanics," points out that Hispanics' pride in their cuisine and confidence in its nutritiousness, coupled with their emphasis on traditional flavors, contributes to perceptions that healthful food items are not as flavorful or nutritious.
I was really inspired by the diversity and nutritiousness of the crops planted in the White House kitchen garden this spring (see below) and thought it would be eye-opening--not to mention jaw-dropping--to see what the White House garden would look like if it were planted to reflect the relative importance of the crops that our tax dollars are actually supporting.
Animal husbandry products are high quality food products, because they have significant nutritiousness and excellent biological properties.
The company is also promoting frozen fruit's nutritiousness, versatility and usage, based on research.