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He was a tiny little shaggy moor pony with thick locks hanging over his eyes and with a pretty face and a nuzzling velvet nose.
My horror and astonishment are not to be described, when I observed in this abominable animal, a perfect human figure: the face of it indeed was flat and broad, the nose depressed, the lips large, and the mouth wide; but these differences are common to all savage nations, where the lineaments of the countenance are distorted, by the natives suffering their infants to lie grovelling on the earth, or by carrying them on their backs, nuzzling with their face against the mothers' shoulders.
Billy the Mule stumped off with the swaggering limp of an old campaigner, as the troop-horse's head came nuzzling into my breast, and I gave him biscuits, while Vixen, who is a most conceited little dog, told him fibs about the scores of horses that she and I kept.
As we stopped at traffic lights, I saw in the wing-mirror that it was nuzzling the bloke's face, and the bloke was nuzzling right back, stroking the cat behind the ears and talking to it gently.
DALLAS -- The newest giraffe at the Dallas Zoo has millions of fans just days after its birth thanks to a camera streaming live video of the calf playing and nuzzling with its mother.
After the parrot was done, it was a playful white anteater that took over and started nuzzling at the 'Les Miserables' star's ear.
Nuzzling And it's not because they have become accustomed to domestic bliss - in fact, it's the opposite.
So the "mystery" blonde Mike Tindall was caught nuzzling in a New Zealand nightclub turns out to have been his "old friend" Jessica Palmer.
Like a blind kitten nuzzling for the teat,/you suck from the spoon,/into the warm hole, everything, scent and substance.
With its underlying theme of affection, "Baby Eye Like: I Love You" offers sixteen pages of pictures pairing animals ranging from kissing fish to embracing giraffes, to nuzzling cows, to embracing polar bears.
A Quebec-based doctor who writes a monthly ornithology column in a medical journal presents scientific observations to accompany his stunning color photographs of birds captured in various stages of courtship, from tenderly nuzzling mute swans to an ostrich "double date" and subsequent brooding behavior.
You'll see that all that bonds you and your fiancee's mother is nuzzling up for a nicotine fix.