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n. pl. nym·pho·lep·sies
1. A frenzy supposed by ancient peoples to have been induced by nymphs.
2. An emotional frenzy.

[From nympholept.]

nym′pho·lep′tic (-lĕp′tĭk) adj.
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Moreover, while Delores uses Humbert for money, he in turn uses her to gratify his nympholeptic obsession.
Similarly, a young man wearing green cravats with a butterfly in his mouth is described as 'a maximum of four cravats worn by anaemic nympholeptic high school kids of the future' and has inspired the Scabal cravat tie, a key accessory for spring/summer 2008.
I might, however, be willing to read Prufrock as a nympholeptic parody of Alastor.