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also ob·li·ga·to (ŏb′lĭ-gä′tō)Music
Not to be left out; indispensable. Used of an accompaniment that is an integral part of a piece.
n. pl. ob·bli·ga·tos or ob·bli·ga·ti (-tē) also ob·li·ga·tos or ob·li·ga·ti
An obbligato accompaniment.

[Italian, past participle of obbligare, to obligate, from Latin obligāre, to oblige; see oblige.]


(ˌɒblɪˈɡɑːtəʊ) music or


(Classical Music) not to be omitted in performance
n, pl -tos or -ti (-tiː)
(Classical Music) an essential part in a score: with oboe obbligato.
[C18: from Italian, from obbligare to oblige]


(ˌɒb lɪˈgɑ toʊ)

adj., n., pl. -tos, -ti (-ti) adj.
1. (used as a musical direction) obligatory; not to be omitted.
2. a musical line performed by a single instrument in accompaniment to a solo part.
3. a continuing background motif.
[1715–25; < Italian: obliged]


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Noun1.obbligato - a persistent but subordinate motif
motif, motive - a theme that is repeated or elaborated in a piece of music
2.obbligato - a part of the score that must be performed without change or omission
section, subdivision - a self-contained part of a larger composition (written or musical); "he always turns first to the business section"; "the history of this work is discussed in the next section"


[ˌɒblɪˈgɑːtəʊ] (Mus)
A. ADJobligado
B. N (obbligatos or obbligati (pl)) → obligado m
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It contains the Sei Solo for violin BWV 1001-1006 (hereinafter the Violin Solos), the Two Sonatas for violin and continuo BWV 1021 and 1023, and the Six Sonatas for obbligato harpsichord and violin (which seems the most appropriate English amalgam of the various titles in the sources) BMW 1014-1019.
Her gifts were particularly well-suited to John Joubert's That Time of Year (the much-loved composer present in the audience), settings of four sonnets, one for each season, which seem almost piano piec-ces, dramatic and atmospheric, with an obbligato vocal line.
His breathless, perpetual-motion arpeggios, with subtle upper note changes that created a linear obbligato that hung in the air above us, took minimalism to the next level with unflagging acrobatic acumen.
0, users can select obbligato passages and convert the original song to MIDI data.
The opening movement quite rightly emphasised the music's folklore narrative, the andante was full of veiled fantasy launched by the whispering tones of the CBSO strings, and the finale was a louche dance of death, the pearly bass-drum obbligato grimly delivered by Andrew Herbert.
The program will also showcase a performance of Ernest Bloch's Concerto Grosso for String Orchestra and Piano Obbligato, featuring pianist Loren Fishman, and Nativity after John Donne - a new work by local composer Justin Merritt.
Tokyo, Jan 27, 2015 - (JCN Newswire) - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) announced today the provision of its Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) cloud service, Obbligato for SaaS, to one of Thailand's leading auto part and machine tool manufacturing companies, CLP Engineering Co.
We are here dealing with Latin-texted polyphony, performed without instruments except continuo support, and which co-existed with music in the more modern styles with obbligato instrumental parts, including the villancico repertory for Christmas, Corpus Christi, and other feasts.
Non temer arnato bene," with its obbligato piano part played by Benedetto Lupo.
The sandpiper is, of course, the alter ego of the poet, one of Elizabeth Bishop's most poignant and witty (though veiled) images of herself--an image Carter picks up on by choosing for the obbligato his own instrument, the oboe, to represent the "student of Blake," pecking away, trying to find the world in a grain of sand.
Teh concert included a string trio covering the obbligato accompaniment parts and the result -- owing to the fortepiano's relatively limited ability to project -- was that the piece sounded more like a piano quartet with a very active keyboard part than a concerto.
Distinctive features of the Symphony No 4 include the use of a specially high tuned violin in the second movement, which provides a spiky, unsettling solo obbligato.