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ob·du·rate  (bd-rt, -dy-)
a. Hardened in wrongdoing or wickedness; stubbornly impenitent: "obdurate conscience of the old sinner" (Sir Walter Scott).
b. Hardened against feeling; hardhearted: an obdurate miser.
2. Not giving in to persuasion; intractable. See Synonyms at inflexible.

[Middle English obdurat, from Late Latin obdrtus, past participle of obdrre, to harden, from Latin, to be hard, endure : ob-, intensive pref.; see ob- + drus, hard; see deru- in Indo-European roots.]

obdu·rate·ly adv.
obdu·rate·ness n.

obdurate (ˈɒbdjʊrɪt)
1. not easily moved by feelings or supplication; hardhearted
2. impervious to persuasion, esp to moral persuasion
[C15: from Latin obdūrāre to make hard, from ob- (intensive) + dūrus hard; compare endure]
ˈobduracy ˈobdurateness n ˈobdurately adv
ob•du•rate (ˈɒb dʊ rɪt, -dyʊ-)

1. unmoved by persuasion or pity; unyielding.
2. stubbornly resistant to moral influence; impenitent: an obdurate sinner.
[1400–50; late Middle English obdurat < Latin obdūrāre to harden, be persistent =ob- ob- + dūrāre to harden, derivative of durus hard]
ob′du•rate•ly, adv.
ob′du•rate•ness, n.
Thesaurus Legend:  Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
Adj.1.obdurate - stubbornly persistent in wrongdoingobdurate - stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing
unregenerated, unregenerate - not reformed morally or spiritually; "unregenerate human nature"; "unregenerate conservatism"
2.obdurate - showing unfeeling resistance to tender feelings; "his flinty gaze"; "the child's misery would move even the most obdurate heart"
hardhearted, heartless - lacking in feeling or pity or warmth

obdurate [ˈɒbdjʊrɪt] ADJ (= stubborn) → obstinado, terco; (= unyielding) → inflexible, firme
obdurate [ˈɒbdjʊrət] adj
[person] → obstiné(e)
to remain obdurate → s'obstiner
[refusal] → obstiné
adj (= stubborn)hartnäckig; sinnerverstockt, halsstarrig; (= hard-hearted)unnachgiebig, unerbittlich
obdurate [ˈɒbdjʊrɪt] (frm) adj (unyielding) → irremovibile; (stubborn) → caparbio/a, pervicace; (hard-hearted) → insensibile

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They were greatly shocked--even the obdurate Heart of Sir Edward and the insensible one of Augusta, were touched with sorrow, by the unhappy tale.
If any one wishes to be im- pressed with the soul-killing effects of slavery, let him go to Colonel Lloyd's plantation, and, on allow- ance-day, place himself in the deep pine woods, and there let him, in silence, analyze the sounds that shall pass through the chambers of his soul,--and if he is not thus impressed, it will only be because "there is no flesh in his obdurate heart.
But at one part of the line there was a grim and obdurate group that made no movement.
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