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n. pl. o·ben·tos
See bento.

[o-, politeness pref. (from variant of earlier on-, honorific prefix, from contraction of Old Japanese ohomi- : oho-, big + mi-, honorific prefix) + bentō, bento; see bento.]


(Cookery) another name for bento
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Tokio, a wordplay for Tokyo, aims to give its patrons a "Tokyo-feel" experience with its signature dishes as Shu No Zensai, Wagyu Steak, Obento, Sushi, Sashimi, among others.
The Japanese obento rules about colors and balance of carbs, veggies, fruit/treats and protein were a good guide, but not necessarily hard-and-fast rules.
Linda's obento, a Japanese boxed meal, is filled with rice balls, an apple, and a cookie, unlike the sandwiches in her friends' lunchboxes.
The presentation was standard obento - compartmentalized black box with each item in its own space.