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n. pl. o·ben·tos
See bento.

[o-, politeness pref. (from variant of earlier on-, honorific prefix, from contraction of Old Japanese ohomi- : oho-, big + mi-, honorific prefix) + bentō, bento; see bento.]


(Cookery) another name for bento
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The presentation was standard obento - compartmentalized black box with each item in its own space.
Inside the bento box, the obento is just as colorful.
Walking around her tiny San Jose shop, she points to obento boxes and small plates displaying artistic Japanese delicacies.
United Airlines offers more than two dozen different types of Special Meals to fulfill the medical, diet or religious requirements of its passengers, including Kosher, Hindu, Moslem and Obento meals; Diabetic, Low Sodium, Low Cholesterol and Non Lactose meals; and a number of others.
The added value happens way downstream, when the Japanese hack big pieces into little chunks for obento box lunches, fillets and other products.