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 (ō′bĭt, ō-bĭt′)
n. Informal
An obituary.

[Middle English, death, record of date of death, from Old French, death, from Latin obitus; see obituary.]


(ˈɒbɪt; ˈəʊbɪt)
1. short for obituary
2. a memorial service


(oʊˈbɪt; esp. Brit. ˈɒb ɪt)

an obituary.
[1325–75; Middle English obite < Latin obitus death, derivative of obi-, s. of obīre to meet, meet one's death, die]
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Noun1.obit - a notice of someone's deathobit - a notice of someone's death; usually includes a short biography
notice - an announcement containing information about an event; "you didn't give me enough notice"; "an obituary notice"; "a notice of sale
References in classic literature ?
But words cannot describe the feelings of his admirable mother, when she learned, very shortly after her noble husband's demise, that her son was a member of several worldly clubs, had lost largely at play at Wattier's and the Cocoa Tree; that he had raised money on post- obits, and encumbered the family estate; that he drove four-in-hand, and patronised the ring; and that he actually had an opera-box, where he entertained the most dangerous bachelor company.
So often older people first read the obits to see who died and then the rest of the paper, and then tell their friends.
The New York Times' Maazel obit reported that the conductor's performances "could seem coolly fastidious and emotionally distant.
De Quetteville delicately suggests that The Telegraph prepared an obit when it learned of Prince Harry's first deployment to Afghanistan in 2008.
In an obit titled "Life's Lessons Learned Too Soon," Sheeler uncovers the values that guided Daniel Seltzer, a fifteen-year-old who died suddenly of complications from a previously undetected heart condition.
Brennan equally convinced shares the obit with a skeptical Monty who wonders if Declan's guilt over actions as a youngster in the IRA is not distorting his sensibilities.
It was too sticky to deny McGuire an obit because staffers and McGuire fans clearly wanted one for him.
Then, in 1982, Tom Livingston, then managing editor, offered me "first refusal" to be the paper's first obit writer.
in his obit titled Minnesota Fats, A Real Hustler With A Pool Cue, Is Dead:
I like to compose the obit with a lively and/or life-defining lead and a satisfying finale.
Not one of the more than 200 people I interviewed for the biography The Man Who Invented Rock Hudson: The Pretty Boys and Dirty Deals of Henry Willson remembered Phyllis quite the way McLellan and other obit writers have.
That's why an obit on 2005 would be somewhat joyous, especially if you could start the slate clean.