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Deserving disapproval; offensive: objectionable behavior.

ob·jec′tion·a·bil′i·ty, ob·jec′tion·a·ble·ness n.
ob·jec′tion·a·bly adv.
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Adv.1.objectionably - in an obnoxious manner; "he said so in one of his more offensively intellectually arrogant sentences"
بِصورةٍ مُثيرَةٍ للإعْتِراض أو مَكْروهَه
kifogásolható módon
á fráhrindandi hátt
itiraz edilecek şekilde




(əbˈdʒekt) verb
(often with to) to feel or express dislike or disapproval. He wanted us to travel on foot but I objected (to that).
objection (əbˈdʒekʃən) noun
1. an expression of disapproval. He raised no objection to the idea.
2. a reason for disapproving. My objection is that he is too young.
obˈjectionable (-ˈdʒekʃə-) adjective
unpleasant. a very objectionable person.
obˈjectionably adverb
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The trigger pulls are a bit heavy, averaging 8 pounds, 6 ounces (tested over five shots), but for a production semi-auto they are not objectionably hard.
According to one criticism, permitting judges to make normative judgments in determining which historically rooted considerations to take into account is objectionably subjective: judges with different values will reach different conclusions.
But, less spiritually, men had been fined 2/6d (121/2p) for spitting in a tramcar, on which one reader had found two passengers most objectionably intoxicated.
Vastus lateralis (58 N) were regarded as objectionably tough and the rest of muscles fall in the acceptable tender range of <55 N (Abdullah and Musallum, 2007).
Critics of the "manifest illegality" standard argue that Article 33 objectionably provides for the superior orders defense in cases in which the command was not manifestly unlawful, but a reasonable subordinate should have known that the command was unlawful.
Thomas Kelly (2005 and 2008) defends a Moorestyle resistance to reconsidering certain views, but he argues generally that the Moorean line is not objectionably dogmatic, and that it only insulates commonsense views from criticism by certain sorts of philosophical arguments.
This way of stating their argument seems remarkably incapable of restatement in a manner that is not objectionably circular nor one which does not require an independent argument for God's necessary existence.
Monroe County Board of Education, which involved the sexual harassment of a fifth-grade girl, the Supreme Court ruled that schools can be held financially liable if they are "deliberately indifferent to known acts of student-on-student harassment and the harasser is under the school's authority," so long as the action is "so severe, pervasive, and objectionably offensive" that it can deprive the victims of educational opportunities or benefits.
Some, however, see such editorial extravagance as dubious prescriptive overkill that objectionably blurs the line between authentic and spurious.
Others point to the fact that Khuzami is a cochair of the FFETF Securities and Commodities Working Group and director of enforcement for the SEC-which has been roundly criticized for filing cases that are settled for what many, including at least one court, find to be objectionably small amounts.
When the commission returned to the room and took its vote, denying the objection and pointing out that its jurisdiction did not allow an inquiry or investigation in such matters, on the advice of counsel, these people loudly, pointedly, and objectionably, pointed fingers and threatened members of the commission, accusing them of being "traitors," "enemies of the Constitution," and, in one case, stating that "you had better not show your face in Laconia, New Hampshire, without a mask on, or you will be in danger.