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oblanceolate leaf


adj. Botany
Lance-shaped, with the thin end at the base: an oblanceolate leaf.


(ɒbˈlɑːnsɪəlɪt; -ˌleɪt)
(Botany) botany (esp of leaves) having a rounded apex and a tapering base


(ɒbˈlæn si ə lɪt, -ˌleɪt)

tapering toward the base, as a leaf.
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Adj.1.oblanceolate - (of a leaf shape) having a broad rounded apex and a tapering base
unsubdivided, simple - (botany) of leaf shapes; of leaves having no divisions or subdivisions
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with distant, oblanceolate leaves) to young plants growing from dispersed gemmae.
5) cm, crowded at base and along stem, oblanceolate, sinuate-dentate or pinnatifid with acute lobes; lower leaves long-petioled, upper and floral sessile.
5-5 cm long, 1-2 cm wide, oblanceolate or obovate, obtuse.
Terete, wings absent 6 Cuticle Striated 7 Trichomes covering Present, conical, unicellular 8 Glandular trichomes Present; stalk unicellular; head multicellular (4-cells) 9 Chlorenchyma Present 10 Collenchyma Present 11 Endodermis Indistinct 12 Pericyclic fibers Present 13 Phloem fibers Present in old stem only 14 Pith Often an angular hollow cells pitted in older stem Leaf structure 1 Phyllotaxy Alternate 2 Shape Linear, lower / Oblanceolate, upper elliptic 3 Size 12-38 x 5-10 mm 4 Apex Obtuse-muronate 5 Surface Hairy Midrib 1 Outline in T.
The achene is elliptical to oblanceolate, triangular in cross section, and has three nearly flat lateral faces, each with a median longitudinal groove containing a single prominent vein.
6-3 cm long; leaflets 5-9 opposite or irregularly arranged, cuneate obovate to narrowly oblanceolate, 0.
Lakeside daisy (Tetraneuris herbacea Greene) is an herbaceous, thick-rooted, spring-blooming, polycarpic perennial herb in the family Asteraceae characterized by a short, fibrous-rooted caudex; tufted, oblanceolate, puncate, basal leaves, 1-8 cm long and 2-10 mm wide, and a solitary head terminating a scape up to 25 cm in length (Wunderlin 1971, Gleason and Cronquist 1991).
The plant is about 1 m high with oblanceolate green leaves, dentate at the top and marked with resinous points.
Leaves are narrowly elliptical to oblanceolate and acute and have entire to slightly toothed margins.
The handsome ginseng, a slow-maturing deciduous perennial herb with leaves oblanceolate or lanceolate, has been heralded as an energy and sex enhancer, stress reducer, disease fighter and aging abater.
miyoshiana, it has only a single pseudowhorl of gemmae for each year's annual growth, and its lower stem leaves are longer, widespreading, and broadly oblanceolate.
Flowers with a 1-2 mm pedicel, spreading at ca 30[degrees] from the axis at anthesis, opening during the day; sepals elliptic, broadly acute, 10-11 mm long, basally connate 3-4 mm, the adaxial pair carinate, red or white; corolla semispreading; petals oblanceolate, obtuse 17-19 mm long, cucculate; aggutinated into a tube for 7-8 mm, unappendaged, white; stamens & style somewhat exposed at anthesis; anthers 4 mm long, versatile, cream to white; stigma convolute-blade with semi-spreading lobes, green.