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 (ə-blĭt′ə-rāt′, ō-blĭt′-)
tr.v. o·blit·er·at·ed, o·blit·er·at·ing, o·blit·er·ates
1. To remove or destroy completely so as to leave no trace. See Synonyms at annihilate.
2. To render invisible or unreadable, as by erasing or marking over: "The name [on the door] had been crudely obliterated with thick, heavy strokes of black paint" (F. Paul Wilson).
3. Medicine To remove completely (a body organ or part), as by surgery, disease, or radiation.

[Latin oblitterāre, oblitterāt-, to erase, from ob litterās (scrībere), (to write) over letters (ob, over; see ob- + litterās, accusative pl. of littera, letter) and from oblītus, past participle of oblīvīscī, to forget; see oblivion.]

o·blit′er·a′tion n.
o·blit′er·a′tive (-ə-rā′tĭv, -ər-ə-tĭv) adj.
o·blit′er·a′tor n.
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There are too many things going on at once: a fascinating chapter on the policing of homosexuality, for example, seems to me to have little sense of the limited social choices available to French homosexuals, and of the obliterative force of French high-cultural homophobia (as obvious in episodes ranging from the loathsome sexual "dialogues" of the Surrealists to the dismal lives of Andre Gide, Roland Barthes, Michel Foucault, et al.
Obliterative bronchiolitis, or chronic rejection, remains a cause of significant numbers of deaths after lung transplantation.
Obliterative phlebitis can also be present in EBV-associated IPT.
Obliterative bronchiolitis (OB) describes a rare clinical condition leading to irreversible airway obstruction.
The chronic inflammatory and obliterative reactions of the vermiform appendix.
6-7,10) The histologic features are the same for all organs involved and include: dense lymphoplasmacytic infiltration rich in IgG4-positive plasma cells and eosinophils, obliterative phlebitis and storiform fibrosis.
Internal urethrotomy combined with antegrade flexible cystoscopy for management of obliterative urethral stricture.
The ocular disease most commonly associated with Behcet's is recurrent nongranulomatous uveitis with necrotizing obliterative vasculitis.
The money raised will be divided equally between Breathtakers, a local charity set up in 2007 to support families with children suffering from Obliterative Bronchiolitis (OB), a rare and life-limiting lung disease, and the Percy Hedley Foundation, a North East charity which supports people with learning difficulties and disabilities.
The levator muscles should never be plicated, unless an obliterative procedure is being per-formed, because of the impact on sexual function.
Athletic Jamie, now 25, from Pallister Park, Middlesbrough, is suffering from obliterative bronchiolitis - a lung condition caused by his body's rejection of the lung transplant he had more than six years ago.